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Todd Palin Will Earn Stripes On NBC With Nick Lachey And Others!

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Stars Earn Stripes reality show

In the next evolution of D-list celebrity competitions, NBC is pitting Todd Palin, Nick Lachey, and a host of others against each other in Stars Earn Stripes.

The military-themed reality show is described by NBC as a "fierce, entertaining and emotionally charged new competition honoring America's armed forces."

Each celeb will be paired with a former or current member of the armed forces who will

Levi Johnston To GOP: Palin Quit Alaska, I Wouldn't Want Her Advice!

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Levi Johnston Can Sleep Now That Sarah Palin Wont Be President

And you thought Democrats would be the most relieved when Sarah Palin pulled her name out of the presidential race!

(Oh yeah. If you've been taking a long nap, she announced yesterday she won't be wasting everyone's time.)

But nope! Levi Johnston seems to be the most elated. He's responded to the news, saying he can sleep better now!

Bristol Palin's baby-daddy said:

Levi Johnston Shares His Literary Mind With The Gays

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Yeah, because that's what the gays like about you - your intellect. LOLz!

Levi Johnston is heavily into promoting his new book, Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs and last night, the PR train stopped at Dave and Buster's Times Square in New York City. There, he was part of "The Men Event," the largest Gay social and business networking company in NYC.

Remarkably, Levi was allowed to keep his shirt on all evening! Such restraint on the gays' part!

Check out the gallery below to see some pics of Levi at the vent! (above)

Levi Johnson At "The Men Event"Levi Johnson At "The Men Event"Levi Johnson At "The Men Event"Levi Johnson At "The Men Event"Levi Johnson At "The Men Event"

Levi Johnston WON'T Be Running For Mayor In Alaska

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levi johnston not running for mayor

Bristol Palin must be SOOOO bummed to hear this! LOLz.

Way back in November, Bristol commented on Levi Johnston's potential run for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, and she did NOT think he'd be the right man for the position.

Looks like she's not going to have to worry about it, because

Levi Johnston's Sister SLAMS Bristol And Sarah Palin In Playboy Interview!

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levi johnstons sister slams palins

Looks like some people may actually be innerested in picking up THIS issue of Playboy for the articles!

Last month, we learned that Levi Johnston's sister Mercede Johnston would be posing for Playboy and that she'd be speaking out against Sarah & Bristol Palin in the accompanying article.

Now, the interview is done, and we've got some nasty excerpts from Ms. Johnston below!

Here's what Mercede had to say about Bristol:

Levi Johnston's Sis Is Posing For Playboy

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Mercede Johnston Playboy

Playboy is going to be doing an article about the Palins in September, and what better way to accentuate it than with a 4 page spread of Levi Johnston's sister in the nude??

Insiders say the story will run next to a four-page nude pictorial of Mercede Johnston, the sister of Bristol Palin's estranged baby daddy, Levi. […] Playboy sources say that Mercede is outspoken in the article about Palin and Bristol, whom she routinely lashes out against in her blog.

Oh those Johnstons! Always getting themselves into the classiest of positions!

Also, according to sources it sounds like Mercede was paid less than $25,000 for the shoot, too.

Hope it was worth it!

[Image via MercedeJohnston.com.]

Barbara And Bristol Talk Sex! And Yes, It's Just As Uncomfy As You Think It Will Be!

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Oh man. This is almost as awkward as Kathy Griffin's "Astroglide" encounter with her!

Bristol Palin made an appearance on The View this morning to discuss her new book, blah blah blah, and as you can see for yourself, it appears that Miz Barbara Walters could not stop asking the reality starlet/teen mom about her sex life with Levi Johnston!

Check out the cringe-worthy interview (above)!

Gah! It's like your grandmother trying to give you the abstinence talk!

This almost makes us feel bad for Bristol!

But then again, she loves talking about getting sperminated, and she handles herself in this interview better than her mother has in any EVER, so at least she's got THAT going for her! Ha!