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Patrick Wolf News Archive

Listen To This: Raising The Bar!

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He has really hit his stride and taken it up a notch!!!

We are officially VERY excited now for Patrick Wolf's new album!!!

We loved his last single, The City, and we are equally LOVING his latest release, House.

Whereas The City reminded us of Madonna's Cherish, with House Wolf is channeling The Cure and The Smiths.

It is sooooo good!!!

Check it out (above)!

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Listen To This: Cherish Is The Word We Used To Remind Us Of Your Love

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This is so refreshingly unexpected and lovely!

Patrick Wolf is engaged and found love in his personal life, and that happiness has found its way into his music!

The formerly angsty British singer has released what we think is his best song ever, the joyously infectious The City.

Inspired by the early '90s, the song features perky piano, horny horns, driving drums, fierce finger snaps and his strongest melody to date! Plus his vocals are on point!

Love! Love! Love!

Oh, and we are totally feeling his Madonna moment music video!

Check out The City (above). Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Patrick Wolf!

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Wolfie Apologizes

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So remember when Patrick Wolf lost his mind and started throwing shit on stage because his set got cut short?

In a very unrockstar fashion, he's apologizing, publically, through his blog. Do we detect some crazy behind these words though?

U decide:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
My public apology

A public apology to all involved in the c/o pop shenanigans

I am very sorry that I became too much wolf on stage in C/O pop
I was singing shakiras new song "she wolf" and i felt my animal instinct to protect my audience
. My music is very tribal at the moment, I feel I am protective of all of them.

It had been a very long day I slept well but woke at 4 am to fly to cologne to start a full day of back to back interviews and photos. My band and crew were setting up onstage and i had no idea of stage times as I do not wear a watch and wasn't informed that my set was being cut short before I went onstage by the relevant parties. one of the many people milling around backstage told me that the "music industry conference" had gone on too long.

Being someone that thinks the audience comes before the industry, in my tired and promo overload tour brain I took this as a demand for justice for the audience. This is why I directed my aggression, which came at the end of a very heated set not at a man or woman.

I was throwing the stool and the microphone at a black hole part of the stage where no one would get hurt but there would be a statement made… the spit did not land on anyone but was in general a display of "I don't respect you". As I said, my show is very tribal at the moment as there is a lot of good in the world to be fighting for. The words "bitch" and "motherfucker" really arenot misogynistic words when you live near Soho, London, so lets put that to rest. My tribe will know that I have over the past 10 years been a public champion for feminism, against ignorance and always fighting in the name of the good fight.

The very bad footage you see on you tube does not explain that the lady to my left is victoria my long term violinist and good friend who I protect like a sibling and is not the one I am directing my words or aim to when throwing a piano stool. I would rather hit myself then see victoria hurt by anyone, or any of my band. I'm terribly sorry if anyone was upset by this display of closure on a show, but as a human who works like a dog to keep myself in music during these hard times in the industry , i do have off days and bad moments like every other person in the world although I am not sorry that I am passionate enough about music to care that my crowd didn't get there money's worth due to curfews and mismanagement of stage times I hope you agree. The display of aggression was directed at nobody in particular, just life and darkness and hard times, i'm sorry if any people got in the way and I hope you can forgive me for causing any damage due to excess negative personal emotion. as you heard or saw, the audience was encoring for almost half an hour. my next album is about hope and romance and love so I will bring you a bunch of bright red red roses and a box of after eights next time from a helicopter when I see you all.

So, a summary, major miscommunications backstage x lack of sleep due to very busy schedule x singing many songs about battling x an intense education from the extreme parts of london nightlife/wildlife/streetlife as a teenager x steve strange going on very late x a full day of cameras flashing and questions x being 26 years old and should have known better = bad wolf

sorry. peace. pace. truce.

Patrick Wolf

What do U think? We thought it was too long to read.

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Patrick Wolf Will Hurt You!

| Filed under: AnglophiliaPatrick Wolf

Watch what happened after the Z-list British singer was told to cut his set short in Cologne, Germany, on Thursday night (above).

What a classless diva twat!

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Patrick Wolf Who Pulls A Bruno

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patrickwolf1.jpg patrickwolf3.jpg patrickwolf4.jpg

How desperate!

Not content to let his music speak for itself, neverwas Brit singer Patrick Wolf pulled this little stunt at his concert in Toronto last night.

He told the crowd, "I’d better see these pictures on the internet tomorrow. Give Perez Hilton something to wank at.

Ewwww! As if!

He's nothing to wank at, but we'll definitely laugh at.

CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored view of his bare butt!
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored view of his bare butt!
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored view of his bare butt!

[Images via NYLON.]

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He's Smart

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Patrick Wolf is cute, but cute alone does not sell records.

The melodramatic singer is desperate for a little attention. The Brit previously picked a fight with Mika, branding him a "twat."

Now, Wolf is on the attack and coming after Perez.

On his official MySpace blog, Patrick wrote the following:

"I have also become bored of being branded a swedish stripper by 'perez soulless vacuous im sorry your life is so superficial gustav mahlers dog will be waiting for you in the afterlife to eat you hilton.'"

Awww. Cute!

We wish our life could be a little less superficial and more "deep," like Patrick's. Too bad we don't like to get fisted.

Wolfie doesn't even require any lube. Just shove your hand in his loose hole and it will go swallow it up ’til your elbow!

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Wolfie Gets Naughty

| Filed under: AnglophiliaPatrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf likes to show off.

Click here to watch the fagulous British singer perform a sexy little strip tease during a recent concert. Yes, you see ass and even a little pube.

Boys behaving badly!

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