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Scissor Sisters News Archive

The Scissor Sisters Invite Wendy Williams To Kiki!

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'Cause you know grrrrrrrrl loves a good kiki!

On the premiere of Wendy Williams' revamped chat show, elecrtapop band the Scissor Sisters worked and twerked and h-h-honey'd on stage to the punchy musical stylings of thir surprise summer hit, Let's Have A Kiki (above)!

Wendy is QUEEN of dishing out just desserts when they're deserved, so of course she would relate to this super infectious, uber funsies club jam!

OH we will NEVER get tired of the kiki dance… it's mother trucking marrrveeelllouuss!!

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Scissor Sisters' Let's Have A Kiki Gets Jiz'd In New Parody!

| Filed under: Music MinuteSilly!Scissor Sisters

Oh boy…we don’t even have WORDS! LOLz!

Sounds like Jem Jiz loves the Scissor Sisters, too!

In this HIGHlarious spoof, Jiz takes on the group’s hit, Let’s Have A Kiki — only subbing the word kiki for pee pee! Ha!

Take a listen (above) to the song about urinary tract infections, because, why not?!

You’ll never think of UTIs the same ever again!

Drop your drawers and have some wine!!

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Glee Season Four Fantasy Playlist! Our Choices For The First Episode Back!

| Filed under: Music MinuteKate HudsonKaty PerryTaylor SwiftScissor SistersGleeLea MicheleDarren CrissCarly Rae Jepsen

Okay, so….

Gleeks, you know how we feel about our beloved Glee. You know that the next 27 days are possibly going to be the loooooongest of the summer for us. It’s been quite a hiatus and in truth, without any new music from the halls of McKinley High, we’ve been going a little stir crazy.

Okay, we’ve been going A LOT stir crazy. Our mind has been coming up with wild scenarios. Our dreams are plagued by Darren Criss duets with us in bed Lea Michele and Finn singing in bootcamp, preferably shirtless. (Hmm. Did we say “plagued?”)

But then we saw the most recent promo and we realized, the new season is just upon us … and we have little to no idea what songs are actually going to be performed. So, we decided to rein in our subconscious and come up with a list of songs we’d love to hear the cast perform in the first episode back.

Bros, you might have Fantasy Football – but this is our Fantasy Glee Playlist!

CLICK HERE to check out our Fantasy Glee Playlist for the first ep. of season four, The New Rachel!

CLICK HERE to check out our Fantasy Glee Playlist for the first ep. of season four, The New Rachel!

CLICK HERE to check out our Fantasy Glee Playlist for the first ep. of season four, The New Rachel!

CLICK HERE to check out our Fantasy Glee Playlist for the first ep. of season four, The New Rachel!

[Image via WENN.]

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Peaches Wants To Free Pussy Riot Too!

| Filed under: MadonnaPeachesLegal MattersPolitikScissor Sisters

Madonna isn't the only musician standing up for jailed Russian punk band Pussy Riot. Peaches and over 85,000 other people are too!

The Berlin-based pop artist just premiered her latest music video (above) for the appropriately-titled song, Free Pussy Riot, which features her famous friends from bands like The Hives, MC5, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Scissor Sisters, Cheap Trick, Peter Bjorn & John and lots of others!

She combined video submissions from all over the world along with footage from an August 8th demonstration in Germany to create the video that asks for the release of Maria Alyokhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, and Yekaterina Samutsevitch.

Peaches also

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Global Kiki Movement Shakes Up Pub Patrons!

| Filed under: Music MinuteSilly!PerezTVScissor Sisters

Power up that smoke machine, ’cause this group kiki is adorable!!

As part of Australian venue GH Hotel's trivia night, patrons are required to participate in some sort of dance-your-pants off number…

And one fateful evening, quiz-wizards found themselves unexpectedly workin' and twerkin' to Scissor Sisters' surprise single Let's Have a Kiki, off of latest album Magic Hour!

Check out these cute as cupcakes quiz masters havin' a group-wide kiki (above)!

The worldwide kiki is imminent!

Let's get errryone up off their behinds so their bums can shake freely in the kiki breeze!

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Madonna & Scissor Sisters Share Ultimate Kiki!

| Filed under: MadonnaMusic MinutePerezTVScissor Sisters

Lock the doors! Lower the blinds!

'Cause this kiki will splatter your brains while your body moves to the music!

Pop's undeniable Queen Bee Madonna and Queens of indie-pop-electralicious beats the Scissor Sisters have been magnificently mushed together, forming the ultimate musical construction to end ALL remixes and mashups!

Madonna Has A Kiki (above) is created as follows:

Take one part Scissor Sisters' surprise, infectious smash Let's Have a Kiki, and combine with one part classic Madonna track Vogue.

Shake well while performing the Kiki dance interspersed with some hand-face movements, then pour over your headphones and enjoy!

Oh guuurrrrlll, that melodious concoction is marvvveeelloouuuss! Ladies with an attitude AND Fellows that are in the mood are totes gonna LOOOVE it!

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Kathy Griffin, Do NOT Mock Our KiKi With Cher!

| Filed under: Personally PerezKathy GriffinCherScissor Sisters

We have cleared our schedule until 2013. When she's ready for us, WE'LL BE READY FOR HER!

You might recall that a few weeks ago, we had the most AMAZING thing happen to us.

Cher — as in mother f*ckin' CHER — tweeted us and invited us to have a kiki with her holiness, the Scissor Sisters and Kathy Griffin. Needless to say, we had a gaygasm that shook all of WeHo!

But one of the invited guests to our anticipated soiree at Casa de la Cher decided to take to the airwaves to poke fun at our glee.

Check out this clip from Griffin's latest Bravo special Kathy Griffin: Seaman 1st Class (above)!

Watch yourself, Kathy! You be nice to us or we'll just forget to bring the case of Diet Coke and the dozen cupcakes from Crumbs we had earmarked just for you!

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