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Kim Kardashian's Pregnant Bikini Body; What The Tabs Are Talking About!

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kim kardashian pregnant bikini body usweekly may 2013(1)

All right. We surrender.

It seems the Kardashians will forever reign as the Queens of the Tabs!

We just can't fight it anymore! LOLz ;)

And though we've already discussed Kim's glorious bikini body (the preggerz edition), it seems only fitting that we crown her as this week's Tabby Queen as this cover is DEF the most talked about right now.

She's been the victim of A LOT of 'fat jokes,' but this photo is evidence to the contrary as it seems her tiny frame is doing just fine with a teacup human inside!

Gurl just needs the hook-up on a great stylist…


The Teen Mom brand has basically been re-branded as Teen Monster by Ok! magazine. You know, for their jail,

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Kardashian House Reportedly Held Teen Sex Romps; What The Tabs Are Talking About!

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khloe kardashian weight loss bikini lifestyle may 2013

Once again, the Kardashians have monopolized the tabloids.

On one cover, we see a slimmer Khloe Kardashian flaunting her seXXy bikini body, sans 30lbs!

And on another, there's an angle of Kim Kardashian that kinda makes her look like Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham

But the WORST this week is the cover about a woman alleged to be their former nanny, who's 'revealing all' by spreading salacious tales about "teen sex romps" in the parents' bed!

This supposed nanny also insists she witnessed years of cruel mind games and violence, and reports that Khloe endured harsh verbal abuse from her mother over being chubby.

Umm… didn't this JUST happen?? But with Robert's widow??

Pshh… anything to make a buck, we guess!


For those of you who enjoy a little darkness in your day,

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Celebs Jiggle & Wiggle In Bikinis; What The Tabs Are Talking About!

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celebrity beach bodies april 2013 star magazine cover

Feeling a little low on body image these days?

No worries! Star magazine wants to make sure you understand that some celebrities face fitness challenges too!

Beyoncé might be killin' it with her hard-worked bod, but she's in the minority of this Spring edition of the Best and Worst Beach Bodies!!

Think you can guess who the others are???


Jennifer Aniston, though she's reportedly pushed the wedding to the summer, doesn't want a prenup according to OK! magazine.

Umm… we're all for true love and trusting in your partner, but this is 2013. Let's be smart here. Who KNOWS what could happen down the line, and we wanna make sure both parties are protected in a legal compromise. LOLz!


Kim Kardashian's armpit has been targeted, you guys.


The majority of her pregnancy publicity might be negative, but it's gotta be flattering when the tabs are even calling your armpit out! Jayzus!!


We always take whatever The National Enquirer says with a grain of salt, but this week they dared to cover the Boston

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Kate Middleton Vs Kim Kardashian; What The Tabs Are Talking About!

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kate middleton kim kardashian pregnancies usweekly cover april 2013

If it's not Angelina Vs Jennifer, it's gotta be Kate Vs Kim!

The tabloids have pitted these two pregnant superstars against each other, showcasing their 'too thin-too fat' weights as cause for concern among celebrity enthusiasts everywhere.

While Kim posts tummy-baring shots to prove her actual size amidst a storm of weight shaming, Kate continues to be active, only fueling judgements from those insisting she's too skinny for a healthy mommy-to-be.

What do we think?? Health isn't necessarily shown in size, so maybe people need to lay off a bit. After all, stress is super harmful to pregnant women too!


Kris Jenner kontinues her reign on the tab kovers, this week resting on the glossy pages of Star magazine. But we HIGHLY doubt she finds the mag's source material entertaining.

According to them, she's unkonscious by 5pm while Bruce Jenner draws the divorce papers up (in between helicopter flying probz).

We don't doubt she enjoys a cocktail here and there, but we really don't think she's the drunkard she's made out to be on this kover — she seemed sober enough hosting Chelsea Lately anyways!


It would seem as if the unofficial campaign to get Scott Disick his own series is

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Brangie's Secret Wedding Happened Forever Ago? What The Tabs Are Talking About!

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angelina jolie brad pitt wedding ok magazine april 2013(1)

You guys… obviously Angelina Jolie lied when she said she wasn't married yet. CLEARLY those were some shenanigans. ;)

Luckily, OK says they have the deets behind the super secret ceremony (that apparently happened ages ago) and why they don't wanna tell us JACK!

We're sure it has something to do with the fact that it's an intimate affair and how they don't really owe the public anything… even if it's the public who purchases tickets to see them in the moviez!


Yep, the tabs are STILL all about dem Kardazzians! They love 'em more than Ryan Seacrest!

But it's more of a tough love you see, because they're still pitting sisters against each other, calling Khloe Kardashian the "sexy one" now that Kim has put on her baby weight.

Some day the tabs should join forces and make a coffee table book with all the Kardazzian kovers they've done. That would probably take a lot of narrowing down, but we've got faith in 'em.


As usual, People keeps it classy. Cory Monteith is going to rehab, and they didn't even plaster it as the main story on their cover. Maybe not the smartest business move, but a sweet one!

Oh, what?? You somehow missed all of that? No worries — just

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