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Celebs Jiggle & Wiggle In Bikinis; What The Tabs Are Talking About!

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celebrity beach bodies april 2013 star magazine cover

Feeling a little low on body image these days?

No worries! Star magazine wants to make sure you understand that some celebrities face fitness challenges too!

Beyoncé might be killin' it with her hard-worked bod, but she's in the minority of this Spring edition of the Best and Worst Beach Bodies!!

Think you can guess who the others are???


Jennifer Aniston, though she's reportedly pushed the wedding to the summer, doesn't want a prenup according to OK! magazine.

Umm… we're all for true love and trusting in your partner, but this is 2013. Let's be smart here. Who KNOWS what could happen down the line, and we wanna make sure both parties are protected in a legal compromise. LOLz!


Kim Kardashian's armpit has been targeted, you guys.


The majority of her pregnancy publicity might be negative, but it's gotta be flattering when the tabs are even calling your armpit out! Jayzus!!


We always take whatever The National Enquirer says with a grain of salt, but this week they dared to cover the Boston

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Kate Middleton Vs Kim Kardashian; What The Tabs Are Talking About!

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kate middleton kim kardashian pregnancies usweekly cover april 2013

If it's not Angelina Vs Jennifer, it's gotta be Kate Vs Kim!

The tabloids have pitted these two pregnant superstars against each other, showcasing their 'too thin-too fat' weights as cause for concern among celebrity enthusiasts everywhere.

While Kim posts tummy-baring shots to prove her actual size amidst a storm of weight shaming, Kate continues to be active, only fueling judgements from those insisting she's too skinny for a healthy mommy-to-be.

What do we think?? Health isn't necessarily shown in size, so maybe people need to lay off a bit. After all, stress is super harmful to pregnant women too!


Kris Jenner kontinues her reign on the tab kovers, this week resting on the glossy pages of Star magazine. But we HIGHLY doubt she finds the mag's source material entertaining.

According to them, she's unkonscious by 5pm while Bruce Jenner draws the divorce papers up (in between helicopter flying probz).

We don't doubt she enjoys a cocktail here and there, but we really don't think she's the drunkard she's made out to be on this kover — she seemed sober enough hosting Chelsea Lately anyways!


It would seem as if the unofficial campaign to get Scott Disick his own series is

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Brangie's Secret Wedding Happened Forever Ago? What The Tabs Are Talking About!

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angelina jolie brad pitt wedding ok magazine april 2013(1)

You guys… obviously Angelina Jolie lied when she said she wasn't married yet. CLEARLY those were some shenanigans. ;)

Luckily, OK says they have the deets behind the super secret ceremony (that apparently happened ages ago) and why they don't wanna tell us JACK!

We're sure it has something to do with the fact that it's an intimate affair and how they don't really owe the public anything… even if it's the public who purchases tickets to see them in the moviez!


Yep, the tabs are STILL all about dem Kardazzians! They love 'em more than Ryan Seacrest!

But it's more of a tough love you see, because they're still pitting sisters against each other, calling Khloe Kardashian the "sexy one" now that Kim has put on her baby weight.

Some day the tabs should join forces and make a coffee table book with all the Kardazzian kovers they've done. That would probably take a lot of narrowing down, but we've got faith in 'em.


As usual, People keeps it classy. Cory Monteith is going to rehab, and they didn't even plaster it as the main story on their cover. Maybe not the smartest business move, but a sweet one!

Oh, what?? You somehow missed all of that? No worries — just

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Celebrity Beach Body Buzz! What The Tabs Are Talking About!

celebrity beach bodies national enquirer march 2013

Celebrity Beach Bodies! Celebrity Beach Bodies! Celebrity Beach Bodies!


Always a favorite among grocery store line-waiters, The National Enquirer has plastered the "best and worst" beach bodies of early 2013 all over their pages, ready for tab-lovers to soak it up like the sun itself!

Any guesses as to who the mystery bodies belong to??


Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's wedding is the talk of the town! And we've been keeping up with every last word of it.

But they did already marry??? Click HERE for the latest!


Things aren't looking so good for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert right now, according to Life&Style that is…

Apparently Miranda had a recent showdown with "the younger woman!" Dun dun dunnn…

Meanwhile. Blake is happily featured in the newest Voice sneak peak of Season 4! Click HERE to grab your serving of that!


There's a happiness for Bachelor fans right now. Their boy Sean picked his gushing Bride-To-Be, and People is eating it up like it's the last chocolate chip cookie on Christmas Eve!

Unfortunately, if Bachelor history is anything to go by (and it usually is, the scholars are adding it in the textbooks right now), then this love won't last too long! Sorry!!

But at least his fifteen minutes of fame will with some help from Dancing With the Stars!


Oh, look! It's a Kardashian!

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Kim Kardashian Sold Her Soul/Womb For Money? What The Tabs Are Talking About!

kim kardashian baby money deal star magazine cover

And NO! We're so not talking about the Illuminati here! Ha!

According to the newest tabloid fodder, Kim Kardashian apparently agreed to go through the body-changing, life-changing experience that is pregnancy for $22M.

Uh huh. And it was all planned with IVF. No surprise about it, they say.

Look, we know homegurl appreciates a good business deal here and there, but this is stretching it a bit, no??

Now, using Kanye for his sperm… well that's another story! LOLz!


The cover of Star makes one assume that Will Smith is snorting the powdery white fairies, but as we all know — the "cocaine scandal" they speak of actually deals with his brother-in-law.

Yeah, it's actually really really sad and unfortunate. But it is NOT about the Fresh Prince directly, so we can all breath a lil' better now. Phew!


As you all know, Mindy McCready committed suicide. We hurt so much for the children she left behind. Click HERE for the details.


Did you know Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are splitting up??

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Brad Pitt On A Drunken Rampage? What The Tabs Are Talking About!

whitney houston daughter pregnant suicidal angelina jolie brad pitt national enquirer

Umm first of all.. no.

No way in hell will we ever believe that the golden adonis known as Brad Pitt will ever have any problems — aside from his lapses in memory when it comes to beard-shaving.

So you can imagine our appalling *GASP* when we saw that The National Enquirer was saying something bad about Brad!

Or at least… our shock that it was a "drunken rampage" over Angelina Jolie's alleged indiscretion with an ex-lover.

Boo!! This smells like total bullshizz!!

And what is this about Bobbi Kristina's suicidal state of mind? Right at the one-year mark of mother Whitney Houston's death too!

We heard she was seen smoking a joint in public, but jeez! We hope she's okay!


Did you see what Life&Style is saying about Melissa Gorga cheating on Joe!?!

Oooo these Real Housewives always have something cooking that's RIPE and HOT with scandal!!


Kate Middleton actually has something cooking inside of her — the royal heir! And yet Globe wants to say that someone actually has the audacity to bug her new home!

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Beyoncé & Ryan Gosling, Hollywood's Best Lovers? What The Tabs Are Talking About!

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angelina jolie beyonce jessica simpson ryan gosling sex star valentines day lovers issue 2013

Been to the Pleasure Chest lately??

According to Star magazine, sex shops might just be the best way to spot a star. Cuz it appears as if Tinsel Town celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Beyoncé are RED HOT in the bed!

The mag's sources say they have the deets on the sex lives of Hollywood, teasing us with a caption that claims Queen Bey makes sure to get it on before every performance (or every performance Jay can make, right?)!

And apparently Jessica Simpson's biggest pregnancy craving is SEX!

But here's one we gotta raise a brow at — Angelina Jolie, boring?? Really?? Sorry now… but we gotta remain skeptical on that one. That gurl's wild side stretches longer than the state of California! Ha!


Sources say O.J. Simpson is havin' a GOOD OLE' time in prison with his other inmates… and The National Enquirer is treating it as its huuuuuge world exclusive GAY shocker!

Oh boy! Just what the LGBT community needs, LOL!


While the Rihanna-Justin Bieber love affair scandal paints the cover of Life&Style, we can't help but also notice the story about Khloe Kardashian's supposed separation.

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