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FBI Catches Woman Trying To Extort Duggar Family!!

duggar family extortion

We can't believe someone would do this to such a wholesome family!!

Teresa Hunt has been arrested and faces federal extortion charges after being caught in an FBI sting.

Teresa wants Discovery Communications to pay her $10,000 or cancel the Duggar show. In exchange, she would NOT release "shocking" photos of Amy Duggar — a first cousin of the family.

Discovery contacted the FBI who sent an agent to act as a Discovery rep. When he phoned Teresa, she apparently said she already had offers of $3,000 for the pics. She emailed them over and demanded $10,000 to shut her up.

Well… needless to say, they got her!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Kelsey Grammer Is A Victim Of Staropoly.com!

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Kelsey Grammer Staropoly Lawsuit


Staropoly.com is under a lot of heat right now for allegedly victimizing Kelsey Grammer in an online Ponzi scheme (fraudulent investment scam).

According to reports, Kelsey claims he has been robbed of $200,000 through the website.

The claims continue, calling Staropoly out for using his name and likeness without permission. Oh, snap!

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Big Brother Loser Winner Sued For Embezzlement

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Oh shiz.

Big Brother winner Mike "Boogie" Malin and his business partner, VH1 reality star Lonnie Moore, are being sued by their former business partner Shereene Arazm for embezzlement.

Arazm says that the the two "illegally siphoned away [money] to support their lavish party-boy lifestyles." She says that for years, they were stealing money from her investment, the Geisha House, LLC restaurant group

In the lawsuit, she claims:

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Former American Apparel Employees Sue Dov Charney AGAIN


Another day, another lawsuit for Dov Charney.

Three former American Apparel employees, who are suing the CEO for sexual harassment, filed another lawsuit alleging defamation against Charney and company photographer Kyung Chung.

The lawsuit filed on Tuesday said Irene Morales, Alyssa Ferguson and Tesa Lubans-Dehaven suffered "emotional distress, invasion of privacy and impersonation online" after three fake blogs were created in their names.

The NSFW sites (which are still live) feature nude photos of the accusers, emails and text messages allegedly sent to Dov as well as admissions of extortion.

We viewed the sites a while ago and couldn't help but notice some of the emails look really shady and/or fake.

All three are seeking damages.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Beyonce Allegedly Ruined Christmas For 70 People

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Beyonce Ruins Christmas

Why, Beyonce, Whyyyyy??

Beyonce is being accused of causing 70 people to lose their jobs the week before Christmas!

So there was supposed to be this video game coming out that starred Beyonce called Starpower: Beyonce, and the makers of the game claim they had a deal in place in 2010 to create it.

And then Beyonce supposedly wanted more money:

According to the docs, things went awry during a "crucial moment in the project's development" when Beyonce made "an extortionate demand" for more money — even though the two sides already had a deal in place.

Gate Five claims her move "drove 70 people into unemployment, the week before Christmas" … and notes that one of the project's backers described her conduct as "morally reprehensible."

That does sound a little not cool, B!

Now the company wants the $6.7 million they put into the development, and more than $100 million they projected to make in profits if the game had been completed.

That's a pretty hefty lawsuit, and if they win, Beyonce sure will regret wanting more money! Wow!

Though, we'd like to hear her side of the story first!

B, let us know!

[Image via WENN.]

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Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego Capri Anderson? Charlie Sheen's Looking For You!

charlie sheen cant find porn star capri anderson

Don't you hate it when you can't find a porn star to serve them with legal papers?

What, you've never been in that situation? Well, Charlie Sheen sure has, in fact, he's currently searching for porn star Capri Anderson so he can serve her with legal papers, because he claims she tried to extort him after his Plaza Hotel "incident."

Here's what it says in the lawsuit:

"She fabricated a sensational tale about being assaulted, battered and held against her will, and used that fictional story as a basis for an extortion plot."

Charlie seems dead set on suing her. He tried to get permission to notify Anderson of the lawsuit by "publishing an announcement," and he even hired a private investigator to find her, but both efforts did not work out.

Here's what Anderson had to say about Sheen's failed efforts to find her:

"I have no idea why Charlie hasn't been able to locate me. No one else has had any problem."

"If he wants to see me, he can come to The Scene (strip club) on Long Island April 15 and 16. I'll be a featured dancer."

This is bizarre! Is he really struggling to find her? Or is he trying to make a story out of nothing just to get the word out there and hurt her reputation? With Sheen, it could really go either way.

Why do U think Charlie's been struggling to find porn star Capri Anderson?

[Image via WENN.]

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Court Order Allows Oksana To Record Mel!

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Oksana Allowed To Record Mel

The protective order for Oksana was issued as part of the plea that Mel made earlier.

It was a no contest plea, and the order lets Oksana record Mel for a few reasons:

"The protected persons may record any prohibited communications made by the restrained person."

So that means she can straight up record him if he's threatening, harassing, striking, stalking, following, or blocking Oksana from moving freely.

Our bet is that he probably won't do that now anyway, but at least that's in place as an extra thought to cross his mind before he does something stupid.

[Image via WENN.]

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