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UGH! Mother Of Handicapped Son Gets One Of The Most Offensive Letters EVER — From A Neighbor!

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We can NOT believe that intolerance like this exists, and this whole story makes us so sad and sick to our stomachs! We can't believe there are people out there willing to assert themselves as such uncaring and unsympathetic human beings!

Here's what happened! We spotted a tweet from adorable musicians Lennon and Maisy (proof of how adorable they are HERE) it said this:

“A close family friend has an autistic boy and this was an anonymous letter slipped under her door. This is real.”

What they posted was

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Annie Lennox Reveals Foot Drop Syndrome

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Annie Lennox

Oh no! We're so sorry to hear this!

Annie Lennox has revealed that she has been battling a painful foot condition called foot drop syndrome since 2008.

As a result, her left foot is permanently numb "with constant pins and needles". She shared the handicap with her fans on Facebook, writing:

"Three years ago I found myself in the most extreme pain I've ever experienced. It turned out that I had a dropped foot, caused by my spinal column being impinged by a bulged disk. For the first time in my life, I was facing a real physical handicap, and had no idea whether I'd ever be able to walk normally again. It took months of physiotherapy to get movement back in my left foot, but gradually…painstakingly…my toes began to move again, to the point where I don't even have a perceivable limp. Now, the only drawback is that I have a permanently numb left foot, which feels as if it's stuck in a bucket of ice, with constant pins and needles. It's very strange, but somehow I've managed to adapt, and I find that I'm less aware of it than I was before."

Ugh! We couldn't imagine experiencing that, but are so happy to hear Annie is adapting.

Despite the sudden physical disability, the 56-year-old was at least grateful her feet lasted as long as they have, continuing:

"The reason I'm blogging about my feet is that I'm so grateful for the 53 years of great service they've given me. And if this hadn't happened, I would be coasting along, not realizing what a gift it is to have something I'd taken for granted all my life. Thanks to my neurosurgeon, the nurses, and my physiotherapists, I can walk quite decently."

We love the optimism! It's always a good idea to look at the bright side!

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[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Amazing Handicapped German Shepherd Hikes On Wheels

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Annabelle the incredable German shepherd shows how her Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair enabled her to continue hiking and exploring despite having lost her rear leg mobility to degenerative myelopathy.

Annabelle's owner veterinarian Dr. Heather Mack explains:

"This ability to still be a dog and to track and to smell and to be alive and crash through bushes is a holistic approach to medicine. It turns on the endocrine system, the digestive system, the heart and the immune system so is just so important to Annabelle's well being."

Click HERE to buy Walking Wheels and other other handicapped pet accessories.

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Doctor's Service Dog Taken Away

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Boo! Give this man his dog back!

Dr. Gael Yonnet of Salt Lake City, Utah had his ability to walk taken away during a snowboarding accident 5-years-ago and to make matters worse, has now had his service dog taken away.

Canine Companions for Independence, the organization that partnered him with Elon, a yellow Labrador retriever, took the dog back last week saying Yonnet's lifestyle and job were endangering the animal.

Yonnet's lifestyle included staying active outdoors, performing such tasks as mountain biking for the first time last year and even climbed the top of a mountain with Elon by his side

The organization, which gives "custody" not "ownership" felt Yonnet's lifestyle and job were endangering the animal, mainly because they insist the animal must be kept on a leash at all times while outdoors.

Canine Companions for Independence said in a statement:

"It's extremely rare for Canine Companions to ask for a dog to be returned from a team. We've had many conversations and visits with Dr. Yonnet to help resolve numerous safety issues over the past year. We finally had to intervene to ensure the dog's health and safety."

After 18 months together, Yonnet feels Elon is part of his life and pleaded:

"If all it takes for me to get my baby back is to put him on a leash, then I will do it. It's an easy solution. I just want my baby back."

We understand the danger of a service dog being off of the leash, especially considering over the past 35 years, 53 dogs were lost due to traffic accidents from being unleashed, but we feel Yonnet should be given a second chance.

If this service dog was off of the leash wandering around the city, that is one thing, but if Elon was off the leash in the wilderness helping this young man perform activities he never thought he could do again, there should be an exception.

It sounds like Elon was being used exactly as a service dog should. To help Yonnet reach his full physical potential despite his handicap.

Watch the news story above for all the details and give us your opinion!

If U think Elon should be reunited with Dr. Gael Yonnet, click here to sign his petition in hopes of convincing Canine Companions for Independence to return his beloved service dog!

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Handicapped Dog Takes Parrot For A Walk!

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OMG, this is amazing!

Check out this inspirational video for pets everywhere!

Emma, a 14-year-old Boxer, whose rear legs are handicapped takes a walk with her 35-year-old parrot sister, Lolita, hitching a ride on her back!


We smell an idea for a kids movie!

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