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Wow — Watch Hurricane Irma Turn The Streets Of Miami Into An Overflowing River

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Hurricane Irma is starting to really hit various parts of south Florida hard, and right now Miami is taking the brunt of the rain and water, as the hurricane has pushed past the sea wall and broken through to the streets across the city.

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People who have chosen to stay in Miami during the storm are posting Instagram and Twitter videos of the rain and flood waters, which you can see in stunning detail (below):

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Katie Price Talks About Mothering Her Son With Disabilities! Watch & Be Inspired!

What an inspiring mother!

Katie Price is a seriously busy woman, but she always has time for her kids, and especially her son Harvey.

Harvey not only has Autism, but also Prader-Willi syndrome, which causes lots of complications that Katie talked about on This Morning.

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But it's clear that this mother-son duo have a bond that is just the sweetest thing ever! And no matter how much is going on in Katie's life, with a bit of help, she's able to keep Harvey happy and healthy.

Ch-ch-check out their interview (above)!

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Listen To This: Gracias!

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Justin Bieber has been trying SO HARD to do R&B - and he's been failing so hard!


Because the music is mediocre at best and mostly bad.

Blonde British teen Harvey, however, just snatched Bieber's weave with one song.


Because it's so damn good!

And it's good without TRYING so hard!

It's effortlessly cool!

Check out his song Thank You above!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Harvey!

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Big Bang's Jim Parsons Returns To Broadway…This May!!!

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jim parsons returns to broadway

We have a feeling Jim's going to make a BIG BANG on Broadway! Ha!

Last April, The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons had a supporting role in The Normal Heart, which marked his Broadway debut. Jim's performance, of course, was well received.

This May, Jim returns to the stage in the Roundabout Theater Company's upcoming revival of Harvey, in which the actor will play Elwood, a

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Katie Price Announces Split From Alex Reid!

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We're calling it. The war of words begins….NOW!

Katie Price AKA Jordan has finally announced that she her husband of 11 months, Alex Reid, have ended their marriage, and, as to be expected, she wasted no time throwing the cage fighter/drag queen some serious shade in her statement, released via publicist!

It reads:

Alex and I have had a number of difficulties over the past few months. I accept that these were in part caused by my marrying too quickly - we all make mistakes and this was one.

However, Alex changed from the man I fell in love with and some of his behaviour became difficult for me to understand and caused issues. I have tried to help him with these issues but they have put a considerable strain on our relationship.

Our difficulties were also not helped by Alex becoming more fascinated by life in the media eye. Obviously I cannot be critical of someone wanting to do this and originally I tried to help him with his career by getting him contracts with my production company. If Alex wants to honour those contracts, the production company is more than happy to do so.

However, Alex’s desire to promote himself caused a change in the dynamic of our relationship and contributed to our alienation.

Alex and I have spent many hours discussing our relationship and trying to make it work but the issues between us are too deep rooted. I had hoped that we could end our relationship amicably and without a war of words in the media.

I appreciate that there are those that will not believe that but I had agreed I would say nothing more than the statement we had jointly prepared. This was not because I am concerned what Alex may truthfully disclose but to give him comfort that I would not discuss the issues that so strained our relationship.

I had hoped that Alex and I could remain friends but I am not sure if that is possible given events since last Sunday when we were on the verge of releasing a statement. Alex asked that we did not release any statement because he wanted more time to think.

The intervening period has, however, seen a number of false stories appear and photographs of Alex with my son Junior in the gym which it is absolutely clear were posed for. Alex is fully aware that I have sought to remove my children from the public eye now they are of an age to understand and be affected by media coverage of them.

I feel incredibly let down that he did this while asking me for more time to discuss our relationship and just hope that the stories circulating that he sold those pictures are not true.

It is true that I have asked Alex to leave the family home and that he will not do so. I would leave myself but the house is equipped for Harvey’s needs. Alex would like to portray himself as honourable and I hope he acts that way.

Contrary to some reports I have not discussed financial matters with my divorce lawyers. I would like to make clear that the allegations that I have been dragging out any announcement so that my film crew can capture on film Alex’s upset are complete fabrication.

I am deeply upset that my relationship with Alex has failed but I know it is the right thing for my children and I that we separate. My children are my absolute priority in this and they are being shielded from what is happening.

Ouch! It may be presented nicely, but it's clear from the wording that she is more than a little upset with his behavior!

Sources also revealed that hours before that statement was released, Reid was spotted moving out of the couple's Surrey mansion!

Guess that bid for $2 million didn't work out too well, bb!

We didn't think that it would, given her legal team!

Too bad! So sad! But we're very curious to hear his rebuttal, and we don't doubt for a second that there will be one.

What do U think?? Team Alex or Team Jordan??

[Image via WENN.]

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Jordan To Sue Peter?


The battle of the famewhores continues!

Jordan Katie Price is apparently up in arms over her ex-husband Peter Andre's claims that the who knows what she's famous for anymore glamour model has banned him from seeing her son Harvey, and is looking to take legal action against him!

Andre has repeatedly stated to the press that Price has refused him visitation until he has a specially qualified nanny present to accomodate Harvey's special needs.

But Katie herself a source close to Katie says:

'Kate takes great exception to this continual suggestion that she is stopping Pete seeing Harvey. It is incredibly unfair. The fact is that Pete took forever to organise a suitable nanny who is capable of meeting Harvey’s special needs. There was the ridiculous story about the bruises and then the false stories on the ban on seeing Harvey. Now Katie feels seeking legal advice is her only option.'

Honestly, we don't really get the problem.

What is he going to be sued over? He's telling the press she hasn't let him see Harvey, and she hasn't!

Obviously, the only solution is for both of them to shut the eff up and stop whoring themselves out for publicity, and that will never happen…so whatevs!

What do U think?? Team Peter or Team Jordan??

[Image via WENN.]

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Jordan Keeping Harvey Away From Peter!

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This is terrible!

Peter Andre hasn't seen his stepson Harvey in months!

His ex-wife Katie Price AKA Jordan has placed restrictions on when he can see Harvey, her son from a previous relationship with deadbeat dad Dwight Yorke.

She's requiring Andre to hire a nanny that can specifically tend to Harvey's special needs as he suffers from sept-optic dysplasia. Pete says:

"It's been over two and a half months and I'm missing him so much. I speak to him nearly every day, though, so that helps. Kate doesn't want me to see him until I have a specially qualified nanny that she approves of. But I'm feeling really hopeful that I'm going to get to see him soon as I've found a nanny that I think is great."

We hope Katie's being honest with her intentions of wanting Pete to find a good nanny and isn't just doing this to cause problems!

Pete really stepped up in helping to raise Harvey when his own father wouldn't!

[Image via WENN.]

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