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Girl, Look At That Body! Liz Hurley Shows Off Pieces From Her New Swimwear Line

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Liz Hurley still has at age 46!.

The actress showed off her itsy bitsy (teenie weenie) polka dot bikinis for a photo shoot.

The shoot promotes her new swimwear line.

Liz modeled a black and white polka dot set as well a red patterned bikini for Zest magazine.

Check out the pictures to see Liz dazzle in her bikinis!

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Ashley Greene Wants More Action Flicks In Her Repertroire!


Ashley Greene wants to get physical for her next role.

After fight training and personal training during Breaking Dawn, the Twilight stars says she's ready for another action flick.

Standing at 5'5", Ashley does a lot to keep her body toned and perfected.

Her workout includes pliates, yoga, martial arts, circuit training and cardio.

Ashley commented on her work of art body with the following:

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Padma Lakshmi 'Camouflages' Weight Gain During Seasons Of Top Chef

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Padma Lakshmi camouflage weight

Ever wonder how Padma Lakshmi maintains that perfect body while chowing down on all that delicious Top Chef food she has to judge?

She doesn't! Ha!

Don't worry, we never would have guessed either!

The host and judge of the hit reality competition show says that her miraculous appearance is often the result of expanding dress sizes.

In a recent interview, when asked about how she stays in such great shape during the filming, she answered:

”It’s not easy, and the short answer is that I don’t stay in shape during the season. I go up one to two dress sizes. What you don’t see on camera is that I do have a rack full of clothes that range in sizes, and as I gain weight, I just wear bigger clothes."

Could have fooled us! In fact, she did!

She credits her modeling experience for her ability to "camouflage certain areas" of her body, saying:

“I’ve been a model for 15 years, and I’ve been on Top Chef for eight seasons, and before that I had other cooking shows, so I’ve learned a thing or two about how to camouflage certain areas and how to draw the eye to a preferable area of the body.”

We doubt she needs to camouflage her body TOO MUCH because every time we've seen her, whether on or off television, she looks fantastic!

She does raise a good point, however, that wearing the correct clothing sizes can compliment your body, no matter what size you are.

[Image via WENN.]

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Brooklyn Decker: ‘Diets Were Wrecking My Body’

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Brooklyn Decker: ‘Diets Were Wrecking My Body’

Brooklyn Decker is one of the HAWTest women in the world, but she didn’t always have the self-confidence to match her looks.

Says Brooklyn:

“When I was younger, I was insecure about being gangly and having no shape. People made fun of me and called me a boy! I remember praying for boobs and a butt. Luckily, I grew into myself and got curves, but when I was first modelling, I wished for that boyish Gisele body again!”

Like so many models who are pressured by the industry to stay impossibly thin, Brooklyn became obsessed with staying skinny and got into some bad places with dieting.

“When I moved to New York, I was always with other aspiring models. There were bingers and purgers, and everyone watched each other eat. It freaked me out. I did juice fasts and crazy diets and ended up gaining weight. My father did an intervention and got me to stop obsessing about everyone else and wrecking my body.”

Brooklyn has since developed a much healthier approach to eating, which involves focusing on what she’s getting out of food, instead of obsessing over calorie counts.

“Eating is more fulfilling if you talk about what you should eat rather than what you shouldn’t. Instead of worrying about what foods might have too much fat or sugar, think, ‘Oh, I should eat these blueberries for the antioxidants.’”

We love that philosophy! And it’s obviously working! She’s GORGEOUS!!

[Image via Apega/WENN.com.]

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Israel Holds Fat And Beautiful Pageant

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Israel isn't one to discriminate it seems when it comes to female beauty.

The country held it's Fat and Beautiful pageant this past weekend which showcased overweight, confident, and gorgeous ladies.

As for the requirements to enter, you had to weight at least the minimum requirement of 176 pounds.

That wasn't an issue for the big beauty who won, Tanya Veiman a 23-year-old who weighs in at almost 200lbs and looks fierce!

The cutie beat out 20 other hopefuls for the crown. As for her winner's package, that includes a diamond ring and a one year modeling contract.

Check out the clip above to watch the ladies work the stage, showing that beauty can come in many shapes and sizes.

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Plus-Size America’s Next Top Model Winner Talks Body-Image Issues

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Plus Size America’s Next Top Model Winner Talks Body Image Issues

Whitney Thompson recently won America’s Next Top Model to become the first plus-size model on the show to take away the top prize. But she only celebrated for a brief moment before taking off to speak to young women across the country about body-image issues.

While she’s a part of the fashion industry, she is endlessly critical of the way it treats women. Here are some highlights from a recent interview:

First, you've never suffered from an eating disorder, so why be a spokesperson for the National Eating Disorders Association?

I've never dealt with an eating disorder personally; I have friends who have. The reason I went on [Top Model] though, is because I wanted to change the fashion industry. Because it obviously affects people and they way that they view themselves. I mean, when the majority of all 9-year-old girls have been on a diet, we're doing something wrong. And so, even though I haven't been personally affected, it's obvious that the industry is affecting people and it does make women feel bad about themselves, or worse.

And it's totally unrealistic and we're setting people up for failure. And I don't think it's fair for especially children and younger girls to see the airbrushed images and think like, oh that's what I'm supposed to look like, or that's what beautiful is, because that's what the fashion industry tells them.

Sometimes with advocates for any kind of change, there's a lot of venom. They sort of say, "Everyone is evil, look at what they're doing!" rather educating. Where do you fall?

Well, I definitely try to offer solutions. There are companies that I don't agree with like Victoria's Secret and I tell people to boycott them and I tell people to write them letters and express their emotions. The thing is that we let the fashion industry define what beauty is and then we're putting our money into their pockets, and so we are fueling this. It's not all their fault, we are equally as responsible.

So I think it's important that you make it known. If you don't like girls who are size two with breast implants being waved around in front of your daughter and being told to them that that's what's beautiful, then don't support it. Cancel the magazines. Write them letters and say I don't want these girls in the magazine. Tell them if you're not going to put a size six, if you're not going to put a size eight, forget it.

Karl Lagerfeld two years ago was saying the only people who care about plus size are the fat mummies sitting on their couches eating crisps. Now he's shooting the plus issue for V, are you kidding? Really V, you forgot about that? I mean, it was a huge issue. And he has a Chanel line for plus girls and Crystal Renn's in it and it's so fake, it's so phony and people just jump on the bandwagon. So I think it's important to do research and be smart about the companies that you do support.

I've heard model bookers say things that made me cringe about models right in front of them. Do you think some people treat models like they're not people?

Oh yeah, models get treated like crap. Worse than anyone. We get fed last, we don't sleep, they treat you like nothing. When you think about it, everyone thinks modeling is so glamorous, but you don't get to say what you wear, you don't get to say how you look, what your hair color is, what length it is, where you live, what you do — you have no voice at all. And the bookers — because I was a straight-size model growing up in high school, and my hips were always one inch too big — and, yeah, you have 45-year-old men saying, "You're too fat." You're a teenage girl. It's really disgusting. It's an awful industry and, yeah, there is no soul in modeling.

A lot of what we hear from straight size models is "I'm naturally thin, don't get on my case about it." True?

The majority of girls who do runway shows are 16 and under. Agencies and designers look for girls who haven't hit puberty yet and so we ship these girls in from Russia and Brazil and they're 14 and they don't speak English and these are the girls that I go to castings with. That's fine, they're all great and young and "naturally skinny," when they're 14 — most people are. But then once they hit puberty, 16 and 17, they have to do drugs, they're doing cocaine, they're smoking cigarettes all day every day, they're doing the lemonade cleanse because if they don't then they get shipped back to wherever they came from, and that's just how the industry works.

A lot of girls get depressed, some girls commit suicide, some girls starve to death, literally, and we kind of just don't pay attention to it in the industry. We don't really talk about it, but it's very common.

I lived in a model apartment with all straight [size] models. One of the girls was on the lemonade cleanse for, I think, three weeks and her skin broke out all over in boils. But she was working in Paris every weekend and that's all that mattered to her. And does the agency say anything? They're not worried she's too skinny, they're worried she looks nasty because she has boils.

But if you were going back to a country where you had nothing, and you were one of many brothers and sisters, and you lived in New York for a few years and they were going to just ship you back — of course you would do what you had to do. It's not necessarily the girls' fault, it's not going anywhere good for them, either. There's no happy ending to any of the stories.

The modeling industry is notorious for being a terrible place for women to work, and this interview confirms it. Change needs to happen, and we’re glad Whitney is leading the way!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.com.]

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