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Police Possibly Injure Several Bystanders In Pursuit Of Empire Gunman

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empire state building shooting

Here is a full recount of the Empire State Building shooting as we know thus far:

Jeffrey Johnson, a 56-year-old former employee (previously reported as 53) of Hazan Imports was laid off about a year ago.

Disgruntled and still upset, he came back a year after losing his job with the apparent intention of shooting a specific co-worker.

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says Johnson successfully shot his co-worker in the head three times outside of the Empire State Building before fleeing the scene.

A construction worker spotted the suspect fleeing and alerted two uniformed police officers nearby who began to tail Johnson.

The suspect then turned and pulled a .45 caliber pistol on the two approaching police officers, who then opened fire on him.

Nine people were wounded or grazed by gunfire in the crossfire. The mayor and commissioner both said the wounded were possibly caught in the police officers' crossfires.

According to reports, the handgun the gunman had could only hold 8 bullets.

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NYPD Shoot Protective Pit Bull At Point Blank

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Wow…this is beyond appalling….

A NYC man has a seizure outside of a KFC in East Village and NYPD responds to the scene.

The unconscious man's pit bull, named Star, tries to protect her fallen owner from anyone approaching him.

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Possible New Development In Etan Patz Case?

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Could this be the sad yet vital moment Etan Patz's parents have been waiting for after 30 years?

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LA & NY Amp Movie Theater Security Following Colorado Massacre

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dark knight rises movie theater security

Now that a gas-masked gunman has killed 12 and injured dozens at a Colorado showing of The Dark Knight Rises, how spOOked will citizens everywhere else feel?

That's one of the concerns circulating through Los Angeles & New York police departments Friday morning. And to alleviate some of said worry, both departments have issued statements regarding the matter.

In Hollywood, many Batman fans will flock to the Arclight cinemas. Being one of the grandest movie theaters in the world, there's a lot to examine here. But Sgt. Enrique Mendoza's expert opinion suggests nothing to fear.

While security will be increased, he says:

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Chris Brown Vs. Drake Surveillance Video Is All Garbage!

chris brown drake wip fight cognac

Whomp Whomp!

Doesn't look like the NYPD is getting any help from WIP's security cameras!

While they have all the tapes from Chris Brown and Drake's blood feast in their possession, the footage turned out WAYY too dark to make anything out.

How convenient…

Unfortunately, this is

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Chris Brown Vs. Drake Brawl Motivates City Council To Question Bottle Service At Da Clubs!

chris brown drake wip brawl new york city council bottle service

We knew this was gonna happen!

Since bottles were cracked opened and used as weapons in the brutal Chris Brown vs. Drake club fight, New York's City Council has convened to discuss bottle service in nightclubs.

Speaker Christina Quinn called the meeting herself with the NYPD and nightlife industry experts.

According to her:

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Breaking Bad Actor Was Mistakenly Frisked At Gunpoint By The NYPD!

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Breaking Bad actor frisked at gun point

Racial profiling sucks and that's exactly what happened to Breaking Bad actor Giancarlo Esposito.

While casually strolling out of a play rehearsal in New York City, police officers swarmed him with their guns drawn. They proceeded to frisk him as they screamed, but then realized they had the wrong guy.

The authorities were looking for a suspect — who we assume must have been black or hispanic — in a hoodie, not a pin-striped suit.

We're sure the cops felt like idiots though. In fact, one even recognized him from his role on ABC's Once Upon A Time.

Maybe this wasn't racial profiling after all, but rather a really, really offensive strategy to get an autograph.

[Image via WENN.]

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