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A Giant Donald Trump Rooster Has Gone Up Behind The White House! See The Best Twitter Reactions To The Yuge Cock!

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Donald Trump is only on Day Five of his 17-day golf vacation, and already someone else is ruling the roost.

A giant inflatable rooster has gone up at a park behind the White House, AKA the "dump" they make the POTUS live in.

The chicken was also the mascot of protesters demanding to see the Crook-In-Chief's tax returns in April, so we're guessing it's there for tonight's protest of Trump's ad-libbed nuclear threats.

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The real question is, with its coiffed hair and aggressive gesticulations, will the Secret Service know which one to protect?

Ch-ch-check out video of the less foul, more fowl version of Trump, along with some of the best Twitter reactions (below)!

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Is It Just Us, Or Does This Company's Logo Look An Awful Lot Like A Penis???

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Dirty Bird's logo is stirring up a lot of controversy for some pretty obvious reasons!

On most days, we'd say it's pretty safe to assume that pretty much everyone can tell the different between a rooster and a penis! However, one Welsh fried chicken company is stirring up a lot of controversy over this very question!

This all goes back to Dirty Bird, a fried food truck that travels to different music festivals and events throughout the country! The cock in question is from their logo, which at first glance appears to be a harmless cartoon rooster!

However, it doesn't take a genius to realize that this bird looks an awful lot like a penis!

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Holly Madison Has A New Cock! (And A New Hen)

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Holly Madison

Holly Madison's family is constantly growing!!

She just welcomed her baby girl Rainbow Aurora into her life just over a month ago.

Now she and her boyfriend Pasquale Rotella have expanded their family to include a pair of chickens, a cock and a hen.

Holly shared a pic of the birds and said:

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Rapper Claims To Run Dog Fights, Home Raided By Humane Society

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Detroit battle rapper Young Calicoe recently gave a Cribs style tour of his place.

During the tour, he called his several pit bulls "fighting dogs" and showed off his pet rooster as "grand champion" and said "we fight them too."

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Horrible Pet Owner Of The Week: Men Arrested For Keeping A Farm Of Animal In Their Car

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2 Arrested After Goats, Guinea Pigs, Ducks Found In Car

Gawd! People are SO DUMB!

Miami police said officers were sent to a parked car after receiving a report that someone had heard what they thought was a baby crying from inside.

The officers found no child in the car… but they did find SEVERAL animals, including goats, roosters, pigeons, guinea pigs and ducks.

Police said one of the goats died later that day, but they did not elaborate on the animal's cause of death. HOW? WHAT? WHY?

James Arroyo Jr., 44, and Raul Armenteros, 46, who police said were responsible for the car, arrived about 45 minutes after the officers made their discovery.

Arroyo and Armenteros were arrested and charged with 22 counts of animal cruelty with intent to injure.

The men, who appeared in court Tuesday morning, are being held on $110,000 bond each.

We can only wonder what they were going to do with those animals…

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Ke$ha Defends Her Butt Feather Love

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Ke$ha's Defends Her Butt Feather Love

Wake up (after you brush your teeth with whisky) take some responsibility!!

Ke$ha can take FULL credit for becoming one of the leaders of the feather hair extension craze that have become as popular at salons as gossipy gay hairdressers - but she doesn't want everyone to peg her as the source for roosters that die after their plumage is plucked.

While stylists scour their nearest fish bait shops for these specific hard-to-find feathers (the long, skinny black-and-white striped feathers called "grizzly saddle"), farmers can't keep up with demand.

One farm harvests about 1,500 birds a week and can barely keep up with its current orders, boosting the price of the plumes (from the rooster's butt) up to nearly $500!

What's worse - the birds are killed before these feathers are removed.

Friday Ke$ha tried defending herself and her murderous feathery hair stuffs via twitter.

She said:

"I'm hearing about roosters that have been plucked and hurt or even killed for thier feathers…"

"I'd love to give u guys my own personal feather contact. she's totally animal friendly + recycles bones + feathers to make all my accessories."

"If u guys like feathers-try animal friendly pieces meet my friend Kate!"

[Image via WENN.]

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Ke$ha's Love For Rooster Butt Feathers Has Caused An Ass-Load Of Drama

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Ke$ha's Love For Rooster Butt Feathers Caused An Ass-Load Of Drama

Pure INSANITY!!!!!

Stars like Ke$ha have started a feathers in hair trend which has managed to kill thousands and thousands of roosters AND seriously piss off fishing shop owners, WHICH will probs result in discrimination lawsuits.

So, women wanting to achieve the Ke$ha / homeless look are going to bait and tackle stores looking for the feathers that, apparently, come from rooster's BUTTs and can only be taken off after the rooster has been killed.

One farm in Colorado explains that the specially-bred roosters are euthanized after reaching one year of age (um… what?) and it's the bird's ass feathers that make the most-coveted hairpieces.

This farm says they've killed more than 1,500 roosters each week and still can't keep up with salon demand.

Now, because tackle shops are running out of their special fishing feathers-things, the stores are refusing to sell the feathers to woman!!!

All this to look like Ke$ha?

America, be ashamed.

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