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Puppy Who Licked Antifreeze…Is Saved By Vodka?!

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Who knew Smirnoff could be a miracle cure?!

A puppy named Cleo licked up some antifreeze and immediately had to be rushed to the vet for colon poisoning.

So how did the vet save the cutie????

By hooking the pooch up with some vodka!!!!

Watch the video (above) to hear more about this INCREDIBLE medical move!

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Man Does Nothing After His Puppy Drinks Liquor

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A man in the UK has been banned from owning a dog for three years after his puppy drank vodka!

The man was drinking vodka and coke (gross) when he put it down on the floor to go outside and smoke.

When he came back in, the drink was gone.

His puppy, Max, had drank it all!

The owner was drunk himself and had to go out and DJ so he left the dog with his roommate.

Later that night, two girls spotted the dog outside, falling over himself and staggering around, so they called the cops.

When the police arrived they took the dog.

The prosecutor in the owner's case said:

"Due to the state of the dog the police officer, being an animal lover himself, took the dog to the emergency vet."

Good thing for animal lovers!

Max the puppy was put on a fluid drip at the vet's and he was fine by morning.

The judge, in an oh-so-Britishy fashion, said:

"I do hope that when you do have a dog again you make jolly sure that your drinks are not in reach."

We hope he never gets a dog again.

At least little Max is okay.

[Image via WENN.]

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Russian Dog Fetches Vodka For Owner

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That is so funny!

A russian hunter taught his dog to fetch vodka for him. Check it out in the (above) video.

That dog is such an enabler!!!

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Diddy Jumps A Bull!

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Kobe Bryant can eat his heart out.

Diddy skips the car jump, and goes straight to a live bull!!

Check out the above video to see Diddy jump a bull.

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Man Gives Puppy Vodka

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We just want to know why someone would think this is a good idea?

Jared Colony has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for animal abuse after he poured vodka into a puppy's bowl and encouraged him to drink it.

Jared had been watching the four month old puppy for a friend. When the owner had returned to pick the puppy up, it was unresponsive and barely breathing.

Thankfully it was treated for alcohol poisoning fast enough and survived!

Along with his 90 day jail sentence Jared has to pay a $625 fine and $2,500 to the puppy's owner.

Don't give alcohol to dogs!

[Image via AP Images.]

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