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NFL Wives Say $765 Million Concussion Settlement Is Not NEARLY Enough!

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raphael bush hit on percy harvin b 1

Over the past couple of years concussions have been a HUGE issue in the National Football League, and literally thousands of players have filed lawsuits claiming the league failed to recognize the long-term neurological damage former players are suffering from.

Well the NFL reached a $765 million settlement to try and help compensate for the injuries former players are now dealing with, but some are saying that's

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Sister Wives Say So Long Utah…Hello Nevada!

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sister wives moving to nevada

Seems like a smart move for this "family"…as well as for the TV series in general.

According to sources close to the Sister Wives family, Kody, his 4 wives, and his 19 kids are moving to Viva Las Vegas Baby Nevada!

Sources say that Kody's reasoning for making the move is so that he and his wifeys will able to "explore new job opportunities."

Life should be a bit easier for the family as well, because unlike Utah, it's not a crime for Kody Brown to live with 4 wives in Nevada.

Pretty good deal for Mr. Brown. Maybe he should get a couple more wives! It's not like anyone in Nevada is judging him or anything.

Should be inneresting to see Sister Wives in a new environment…especially if they move anywhere near Vegas! Kody's got a WHOLE LOTTA lady luck going for him at that craps table!


Will U tune in for season two of Sister Wives?

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