Acting Coach Lesly Kahn Hit With Backlash For Advising Student To Lie About Her Ethnicity: ‘Stop Admitting To Being A Huge Jew’!

lesly kahn acting school controversy

This is just despicable.

The Lesly Kahn & Company acting school promises to make their students “great” and vows that they alone are aspiring actors/actresses’ “secret weapon.” And we believe we’ve cracked the case on how those in charge make their clients stars — by outright lying.

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According to gossip swirling around social media, the head of the acting studio recently informed one of her students that she should LIE about her ethnicity in order to book work. Specifically, she advised one young actress to “stop admitting to being a huge Jew” and to pretend to be Hispanic.

Apparently, the teacher requested that the up-and-comer transform her name to something like “Rosa Ramirez.” Oh, and advised the woman to take new headshots while wearing the color red and sparkly earrings. While pondering how to handle inquiries about the girl’s REAL ethnicity, Lesly seemingly rambled:

“I don’t know what we’re going to do when they ask if she’s REALLY Latin. I don’t know how we’re going to handle that… MAYBE NO ONE WILL ASK???”

SMH. You can hear the full audio of the alleged advice for yourself HERE!!

As this recording is already making waves on the internet, we aren’t surprised to see that Kahn has released an apology for her words. She posted on Twitter:

Yeah. We’re not getting the feeling that she really means that.

We mean, it’s already hard enough being a minority in this industry, it couldn’t be more tone deaf to advise non-Hispanic students to go after Hispanic roles.

What do YOU think?? Did Kahn’s advice cross a line??

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Feb 26, 2018 3:01pm PST