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Addison Rae's Mom & Rapper Yung Gravy BROKE UP!

Addison Rae Mom Sheri Easterling Broke Up Rapper Yung Gravy

Philosophical question: if a totally fake relationship ends… did anything happen at all?

Y’all probably heard about Addison Rae‘s mom and her much younger “boyfriend.” After all, that was the whole point of their PDA-filled red carpet tour of the VMAs, right?

Sadly, we must report that Sheri Easterling and rapper Yung Gravy have called it quits. We know, we know. All love is dead in the world, if these two couldn’t make it work, what hope is there, etc etc. Alas, the news is what it is, and this news comes courtesy of a source spilling to ET:

“Sheri and Yung Gravy broke up, but they have gone back and forth a lot. Their relationship was chaotic and hectic.”

Can something be chaotic if it doesn’t exist? A source told Page Six just after the hubbub that the whole thing was “a PR relationship” meant to enrage Addison’s father Monty Lopez, who had allegedly slept with a woman 20 years his junior. The whole thing was apparently just a big public revenge scheme for everything he was putting her through.

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That insider said Gravy was just in it for the publicity and was actually into “young f**king blonde girls” IRL. Well, believe it or not, even the new breakup source kind of admits it wasn’t real real:

“They were never serious and initially got together for fun, for attention, and to cause headlines. It was never meant to be a real or serious thing.”

But was it ever really a thing at all? Well, real in the sense that it upset her kids! According to this source, whatever the relationship was, fake or not, it was enough to drive Addison away:

“It’s not fair to the kids and Addison is still upset about everything. Addison is keeping minimal contact with her mom, but they are talking a little more now since the breakup.”

You know what they say: when you begin a journey of revenge, start by digging two graves — one for your enemy, and one for everyone who has to watch you make out with a 26-year-old on MTV. Sheri’s friends have been steering clear, too, according to the source:

“People who used to be friends with Addison’s parents as a couple don’t talk to them anymore.”

Yeah, can’t say we blame them for not wanting to get anywhere near all this drama! One thing a PR relationship can do is affect public relations — which this one apparently did. Just, you know, not in a good way. C’est la vie, we guess. #RIPLove

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Addison Rae/Instagram.]

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Oct 11, 2022 16:42pm PDT