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Amber Heard Says She's Finally 'Fighting Back' With $100 Million Countersuit Against Johnny Depp

amber heard johnny depp files countersuit

The ugliness between these two never ends: as Johnny Depp’s UK lawsuit comes to a close, his US suit against Amber Heard is set to begin.

Lest the American version of their legal battle be a simple rerun of the British one (the same witnesses and evidence are expected to be brought to court), the actress has come forward with her own legal action. Not only has Heard filed to have her ex’s “frivolous” $50 million lawsuit dismissed, she’s filed a countersuit for double that amount.

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The filing called Depp’s defamation suit a continuation of his “abuse and harassment” of the Aquaman star, which has occurred both in and out of court. Heard’s own accusations of defamation include the actor encouraging or even overseeing online petitions to get her fired from major projects and verbal abuse (with upsetting listed insults such as “disgusting pig,” “inhuman scum-filled sickfish” and “whore c**t”) which “laid the groundwork for the smear campaign he spearheads today.”

The filing read:

“Mr. Depp is attempting to defame Ms. Heard and interfere with her reputation, career and livelihood through an online smear campaign he has organized and orchestrated. As part of his ongoing smear campaign, Mr. Depp has directed both authentic and inauthentic social media accounts and ‘bots’ to target Ms. Heard’s Twitter account and attempt to interfere with her contracts and business.”

The 34-year-old’s suit even went so far as to claim Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman has connections to “Russian individuals” that could have aided in the cyberbullying. It continued:

“This stream of false and defamatory accusations against Ms. Heard is all an attempt to ruin her life and career, simply because she was a victim of domestic abuse and violence at the hands of Mr. Depp, and had the audacity and temerity to finally come forward to end [it]. … Through this Counterclaim, Ms. Heard is finally, after all these years, fighting back.”

It’s unclear if the accusations to which the statement refers include the leaked audio tapes in which Amber actually admits to hitting Johnny and taunts him that no one will believe him. Those certainly have hurt her case more than any bot tweets.

Depp’s lawyer dismissed the claims in Heard’s countersuit as “nonsense.” It may be awhile before we get to the bottom of it, though, because the Pirates of the Caribbean star has moved to delay the defamation trial so that he can film Fantastic Beasts 3. The film was of course delayed because of COVID-19, and new filming dates in London would conflict with the original dates of the Virginia trial.

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Depp has requested the trial be postponed until sometime between March and June 2021. The pair are expected to meet alongside their legal teams to discuss postponement later this month.

Well, this is another interesting twist in a never ending saga. We’ll once again have to wait and see how it all pans out.

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Sep 01, 2020 16:19pm PDT

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