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How Amber Rose Explains Her OnlyFans To 9-Year-Old Son

How Amber Rose Explains Her OnlyFans To 9-Year-Old Son

Amber Rose revealed how she talks to her 9-year-old son about her OnlyFans and history of stripping.

The 39-year-old model sat down with Emily Ratajkowski on the High Low podcast Tuesday and explained she tells her son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz as much as she can — because if he “don’t learn from her” he’s going to learn it all somewhere else! She said by the time her kids hit a certain age they’ll get curious online:

“Your son, by the time he’s 5, is going to start Googling you and seeing everything.”

Amber said one of her son’s classmates recently told him about her work on OnlyFans, regarding her NSFW pics she publishes on the site — and she didn’t shy away from being upfront and honest with her child:

“I had a whole conversation with him about it. I said that whoever told him that, their parents are ignorant because obviously he got it from his parents.”

The rapper’s conversation with Sebastian completely opened up the floodgates — she said she explained “everything” to him, making sure her boy is “already” a feminist:

“When it comes to women, you have to let women do what they need to do to support their families.”

She even went as far as to explain it in a more kid-friendly way so the 9-year-old could understand it better, telling her son “mommy has to make money” so she can afford his “nice school” and their vacations to Six Flags and Universal Studios.

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And Sebastian, whom she shares with ex-hubby Wiz Khalifa, definitely understood! According to his mom he defended OnlyFans models when his friend made a comment about them during a car ride:

“[He said] ‘Bro, you can’t say that. You have to let a woman do what she wants with her body. That’s not cool. You can’t do that.'”


Amber thought back to the conversation and how proud it made her, telling EmRata:

“A tear rolled down my cheek. I was like, ‘That’s my f**king baby.’ I instilled that in him from birth.”

It’s so important for kids to be understanding and that’s exactly what the model wants for her children. She went on to say she even explained periods to him — and this little boy is the absolute sweetest when it comes to taking care of his mother:

“Anytime I use the bathroom [since] my son was 2, 3 years old, he’ll be like, ‘Mommy, do you need a tampon? Do you need a pad, Mommy? I’ll go in a drawer and get it for you.’ I’ve told him about everything.”

Just too adorable! Ch-ch-check out some pics of Sebastian and his baby brother Slash Electric (below):

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