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Murdered Sex Therapist Amie Harwick 'Lived 5 Or 6 Lives'

Amie Harwick Life before murder

You can really tell how many lives someone touched when you see the impact of their passing… and for Dr. Amie Harwick, that number is truly staggering.

We knew the celebrity sex therapist and author was well respected in her field, but it turns out she was a light in everyone’s life she touched. From the many women she treated, to her fans, to those closest to her — including former fiancé Drew Carey — everyone has had wonderful things to say.

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On Friday People got in touch with a few friends of the late psychologist who added even more insight into Harwick’s life.

Ro Kohli, a friend all the way back from Amie’s teen years, told the outlet:

“Helping people and music were the two things closest to her heart. Her death has reverberated throughout every industry here in Los Angeles, because everyone she met… I won’t say they fell in love with her, but you always had a smile afterwards. She was an incredibly nice person who impacted a lot more than the people who were her friends, and that’s something that cannot be understated.”

Musician pal Mark Hunter, who met Amie while touring with the metal band Chimaira, called the late doc a “totally unique person with a good energy”:

“She was very cultured. She was into true crime and oddities. I know she recently bought some of Sharon Tate‘s bras, for instance. She lived five or six lives by the age of 38. All the things she accomplished in that time, and in so many diverse fields. She was sweet and so smart. She was accomplished, she was a model. I remember once I turned on the TV, and I’m like, ‘Is that Amie on The Real Housewives, swallowing fire in the background?’ And it was.”

Not only did she appear on reality TV and in Playboy, she was also a part-time video vixen, having appeared in — and produced — multiple music videos, including Chimaira’s Resurrection.

Hunter recalled:

“Not only is she in that video, but she also helped me conceive the whole idea and hired every model that was in the video. She was very involved in the style of how everything was going to go down in the video. It was a fun project for her and she really helped us bring the video to life.”

What an amazingly multi-faceted individual.

Neither Kohli nor Hunter knew anything about Amie’s relationship with Gareth Pursehouse, the ex-boyfriend who has charged with her murder.

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However, another good friend, Moushumi Ghose, host of the YouTube show The Sex Talk with Mou, spoke to Billy Bush on Extra about the years of difficulty Amie told her about:

“She was scared of him for a really long time. He basically used to try to sabotage her work.”

Ghose said as a tech expert Pursehouse actually “had the ability to hack into people’s computers” to try to hurt her career:

“I know he hacked into her email and sent one of her previous employers sensitive information, sensitive pictures. So he had been doing this sort of thing for a long time. She knew that he was really dangerous…”

Ghose added:

She reported him, she got restraining orders, she was constantly telling the authorities about this.”

That’s certainly in keeping with everything we’ve heard about the case.

The amount of legal action Amie took — and the fact authorities were still unable or unwilling to protect her — has led friends of the good doctor to create a petition to get the laws changed to help protect victims of domestic abuse and stalking.

As of this writing, over 67,000 have signed. You can read more about the movement for #JusticeForAmy HERE.

[Image via Dr Amie Harwick/Instagram/Drew Carey/Instagram/Chimaira/YouTube.]

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