Matt Lauer STILL Fighting To Get Rid Of Ann Curry!


Matt Lauer wants Ann Curry OFF of his network, but — it’s okay, guys — this time he isn’t being an a**hole!

After relegating her to a smaller role months ago, NBC now refuses to allow Ann out of her contract to pursue opportunities on other networks that aren’t jerking her around.

Matt, for once, is coming to his old partner’s defense!

He is disgusted his employers won’t tear up her non-compete clause and allow her to take a sweet job at CNN.

One source close to the situation said:

“Matt thinks that NBC should let Ann out of her contract so that she can take the CNN gig. He can’t imagine why the bosses are dragging their feet and are at a stalemate. It would allow Ann to get back on the air on a regular basis and everyone can move on from the debacle. Matt only wishes Ann the best and thinks it’s for the best if she were to take a job at another network.”

Of course, the last time Machiavellian Matt allegedly pulled at NBCs strings, Ann was stripped of her co-anchor responsibilities on TODAY!

Since then, ratings and viewer confidence have sunk faster than Kanye West‘s boner after realizing Kim Kardashian taped over his favorite porn with an episode of HBO‘s Girls!

The longer the network that screwed up the Olympics drags this debacle out, the more their image continues to suffer!

You’re the ones who put her on the bench, NBC — we think it’s time to cut your losses!

#FreeAnnCurry, #FreeAnnCurry!

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Jan 14, 2013 4:50pm PST

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