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Armie Hammer Ex Paige Lorenze DUMPS Morgan Wallen Over Alleged Cheating!

morgan wallen, paige lorenze : morgan and paige break up amidst cheating allegations

And just like that, it’s already over.

We only just learned earlier this month that Morgan Wallen was dating Paige Lorenze. A source for Page Six claimed at the time they had been together for “almost a year,” although Us Weekly‘s insider said six months. Either way, it was an established relationship before we even knew it existed.

Well, whenever it started, the relationship has reportedly already come to an end — and it sounds like these two did not part on good terms.

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An insider for Us dished:

“Paige ended things with Morgan. She just wants to move on and wants nothing to do with him and the person he is.”

Damn! That’s pretty definitive! And it’s not even about the N-word controversy, as that happened before they started dating! No, if Page Six’s insider is correct, it’s a much more personal offense:

“She suspected he was cheating on her with multiple people. After they went public, Paige started getting all these messages on Instagram from girls saying, ‘I was with him. We slept together.'”

Whoa! No wonder he was trying to keep the whole thing on the DL if that’s what was going on!

According to that source, the DMs “snowballed, and it got to a point where it was just too much” for the model. They added:

“She’s heartbroken.”

Another Page Six source confirmed the country singer “is indeed single and focused on being a dad,” (to his 1-year-old son Indigo, whom he shares with ex-fiancée Katie Smith). “Focused.” That’s a funny way to describe him considering the accusation he was fooling around with other women, but okay!

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Neither of the exes have commented publicly on the split, but Paige left some major hints on social media, like this cryptic quote on her Instagram Story:

“One of the most underrated ingredients for having a good life is a clear conscious [sic]. To know you aren’t out here doing people wrong, and hiding who you are lets you sleep peaceful at night. Karma is real, energy is contagious.”

Another big clue that the cheating rumors are correct? On Sunday, she posted an IG Reel of herself partying set to Beyoncé’s cheating anthem Sorry. (For the record, when one commenter suggested she was “throwing shade,” the 24-year-old responded, “or I just love this song!!” …Sure.)

Sadly, Paige is no stranger to a bad relationship. She infamously dated Armie Hammer after his divorce — and was one of the women to come forward about his abusive behavior. And on the other side of the equation, Morgan is no stranger to controversy, either. In 2020, he made headlines for breaking COVID-19 safety protocols ahead of a scheduled Saturday Night Live appearance. Months later, there was the leaked N-word tape controversy…

With his history of questionable behavior (and her history of being treated terribly in relationships), we sort of think Paige is better off without Morgan. We hope she finds someone who treats her much better next time!

[Image via Morgan Wallen/Paige Lorenze/Instagram]

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Feb 28, 2022 10:33am PDT