Avatar Blu-Ray Buyers Are Seeing Red


It may be the greatest movie of all time, but people are getting super pissed at it!

20th Century Fox has been inundated with complaints since Tuesday, when Avatar was released on Blu-Ray disc. Customers are complaining that the discs won’t play properly on their TVs and by the end of the first of being on the shelves, the internet was swarming with pissed off Na’vi!

Fox attempted to fix the problem by directing customers to download new firmware to repair the glitch, which stemmed from the new players’ DRM software, which protects against copyright infringement. But still, people are having no luck in playing their beloved Avatar.

Meanwhile, you can still download the flick on many of your favorite illegal, torrent sites.

So there’s that.

We think you should go out and buy everyone a new copy, James Cameron. Lord knows you have the funds to do so!

Apr 28, 2010 7:22pm PDT

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