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Billie Eilish Predicted Being 'Called Problematic' In Rolling Stone Interview Just Before Racism Scandal

Billie Eilish Problematic Rolling Stone Interview

Billie Eilish is maybe THE biggest pop star on the planet right now. But she’s also basically still a kid trying to navigate growing up. And that’s what a lot of her new Rolling Stone cover story is about.

The profile happened to drop on Thursday morning — just as her biggest scandal as a celebrity was also starting to make headlines.

Video: Billie Posts ‘Titties Out’ Bloopers From Lost Cause

If you haven’t heard, the Bad Guy singer is being called out on social media this week for resurfaced old videos in which she mouths an Asian ethnic slur (apparently lip synching to the Tyler The Creator song Fish) and seemingly makes fun of an Asian accent, leading to calls for her to be canceled.

It’s unclear exactly how old the videos are, though it seems clear Billie is a much younger teenager.

The Grammy juggernaut has yet to comment on the old vids, but there is a quote in her RS profile about being “called problematic” — obviously spoken weeks ago when the interview was conducted but quite inneresting right now, in the light of the current backlash she’s getting.

The context was a discussion about how she used to engage with her fans in a much more open way but has had to get way more private as her fame has exponentially increased. She says:

“It’s sad because I can’t give the fans everything they want. The bigger I’ve gotten, the more I understand why [my favorite celebrities] couldn’t do all the things I wanted them to do.”

She goes on to say she’s worried about doing “interviews, interview, interviews” for the new album, which has songs about abusers and toxic friends, and being forced to answer questions. She says:

“People are like ‘Well, you’re an artist, so when you put something out there like that, you can’t expect people to not dive into it more.’ Yes I can. You should absolutely respect me giving you this much information and saying, ‘This is all you get.’ The rest is for my own brain.”

But it’s not just revealing too much. She also seems to be afraid, the interviewer says, of possibly have her words come back to haunt her. Huh. Man, that was prescient.

About her desire to just be more herself, she said:

“I wish that I could tell the fans everything I think and feel and it wouldn’t live on the internet forever. And be spoken about and called problematic, or called whatever the f**k anybody wants to call any thoughts that a human has.”

Hmm. Seems like maybe she’s not so down with the, well, for lack of a better word, cancel culture??

How do YOU think Billie will respond to accusations of racism??

[Image via Billie Eilish/YouTube/Instagram.]

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Jun 17, 2021 15:13pm PDT

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