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Tokyo Toni Has THOUGHTS About Daughter Blac Chyna's Controversial Grammy Dress -- And They Ain't Good!

Tokyo Toni Has THOUGHTS About Daughter Blac Chyna's Controversial Grammy Dress -- And They Ain't Good!

Blac Chyna‘s mom Tokyo Toni is slamming her red carpet choices!!

Rob Kardashian‘s ex showed up to the Grammys on Sunday in an interesting outfit. The 34-year-old star was decked out in a bizarre one-piece body suit covered in rhinestones and wrapped in two massive wings topped with feathers.

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As you can see (below), the all-black bird-brained outfit was definitely unique:


Chyna pushed it hard on social media, too. Dream Kardashian‘s momma called the look “the power of authenticity” in an Instagram post:


But now, Tokyo Toni is calling bull s**t on that supposed authenticity!! In a new interview with TMZ, Toni SLAMMED her daughter’s dress decision.

The ashamed momma explained she didn’t see the dress as it debuted. But once she found out Monday, she was shocked. And she slammed Chyna’s new BF Twin Hector in her commentary, too:

“I texted Chyna this morning when I found out, and I saw it, and I said China what in the H is this? Who are you trying to not impress? And was this the guy that lives with you? Because this looked like his style. So, that’s what I texted her. It may have been a little mean, or whatever, but it was well-deserved. … So, yeah, I texted her and told her, ‘what is that, what are you doing?’ No response. Maybe if I would have said, ‘oh, the dress was beautiful,’ maybe that would have gotten a response. It was terrible.”


Toni was far from done, though! She called the dress “horrendous” and wished for a do-over:

“I just wish that whole day could just rewind, and bring her back, and put a nice golden dress on her with some blond hair. I would have been happy. It was horrible. I think that outfit was horrendous. It was sickening. It was like a worship ceremony. She looked like Black Adam’s wife fell out of the sky like a fallen angel. It was disgusting. It don’t look like Blac Chyna. It just don’t look like her at all. And that dress, I could have came and took it off her myself.”

And she counseled the camera on what she would have done in that position:

“I believe she do deserve the trolling, because it’s well-deserved. The Grammys, you should be dressed very elegant. Very pretty. Real wifey-like. You know? You’re not getting an award but you’re supposed to dress as if you are. It was just terrible. I wouldn’t wish that dress on anybody in the world. It looks like the devil.”


You can watch Tokyo Toni’s full commentary in the clip HERE.

Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Do U think Chyna looked like “the devil” on the red carpet?

[Image via Blac Chyna/Instagram/Ms Tokyo Toni/YouTube/Recording Academy/YouTube]

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