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Perez Reviews: 'Blank The Musical'

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If you’re a fan of musicals and/or improv, then you will love the new and aptly titled Blank The Musical, currently running at our favorite off-Broadway venue, New World Stages.
The show is a fully improvised musical and the audience fills in all the blanks – title, lyrics and even helps out with the music.
A very funny (and young) cast bring to life this one-night-only musical and an equally skilled house band comes up with original music on the spot!
It’s all super fun and playing for a limited time only.
We really enjoyed it and the only note we have – if it were to extend it’s run – is that the audience interaction is limited to the first quarter of the show. After the setup is done so is the audience. It’d be really engaging and vicarious for all audience members if one or two were picked at certain parts to come up and be a part of the show.
We would not be surprised if a couple of these funny actors who can sing very well end up on Saturday Night Live.
So get your tickets to Blank The Musical and see them if they hit up your town or come back to NYC!

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Nov 30, 2014 23:36pm PDT

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