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The Hills: New Beginnings Star Brandon Thomas Lee Threatens Alleged Intruder With A Golf Club In Crazy Video!

brandon thomas lee confronts intruder with golf club

We all have enough to deal with in this nearly year-long pandemic without adding home invasions into the mix!

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Brandon Thomas Lee (son of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson). The actor was (presumably) hunkered down in Los Angeles like other residents when he had the scary experience of an intruder entering his house uninvited.

If it happened to us, we might have ran away and called the police. But The Hills: New Beginnings star is a different breed, so he apparently grabbed a golf club and drove the intruder out himself… while filming the confrontation!

The 24-year-old posted a video of the tense encounter to Instagram. He captioned the clip:

“This guy full on BROKE INTO MY HOUSE and then sneaks up on me in my kitchen, starts screaming at me, and after tries to tell me that he thought I was a lawyer he knew…. so I had to show him my good ol 7 iron.”

In the video, the reality TV personality wielded the club in the direction of the stranger (who looks a bit like William H. Macy’s Shameless character Frank Gallagher if you ask us). Brandon can be heard threatening the intruder off camera:

“If you ever come to my house again, I’m going to beat your f**king skull in. What’s wrong with you? Get the f**k out here. You f**king just walk into my front door? You don’t even know who the f**k I am.”

The intruder, appearing incensed, argued:

“Dude, I was trying to be nice… Dude, I thought you were the lawyer that I know.”

Uhh, what!? Strange excuse, and Brandon was NOT buying it. He shouted:

“Do I look like a f**king lawyer? Get the f**k out of here. What the f**k is wrong with you? Get out! Outta here, dude. Don’t f**king say anything.”

The intruder, who seemed reluctant to leave despite the threat of violence, paused before opening the door to his van, saying:

“I thought the lawyer was still there. He was there a year ago.”

Yeah, definitely not a good reason to enter somebody’s house uninvited!

The intense clip was met with a lot of amusement in the comments over the absurdity of the exchange and the intruder’s boldness. Meanwhile, Brandon’s dad replied to the clip:

“KK man .. minutes away from bein on the news!!!”

tommy lee intruder comment ig
The Motley Cruë drummer’s comment on Brandon’s IG. / (c) Brandon Thomas Lee/Instagram

The young star had a sense of humor about the situation, though. He followed up the video with another ‘gram of himself and his dog, captioned:

“Do I look like a F**king Lawyer?”

LOLz! Put that on a t-shirt and you’re guaranteed to make a few bucks! We’re just glad no one was hurt, but we hope Brandon invests in upping his security. Seriously.

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN & Brandon Thomas Lee/Instagram]

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