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Caelynn Miller-Keyes Was 'Hurt' After Hannah Brown Was Chosen For The Bachelorette -- Here's Why!

Caelynn Miller-Keyes opens up about almost becoming 'The Bachelorette' before Hannah Brown was chosen.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes is remembering what it felt like to almost become The Bachelorette.

The 24-year-old model appeared on Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor, and while many thought she’d be a frontrunner to lead the following season, that job ultimately went to Hannah Brown. And now, over a year later, the Virginia native can still recall the icky feeling of not getting ABC producers’ final rose…

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In a new interview on Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti Haibon‘s Almost Famous podcast, Caelynn looked back on the moment she learned the network was going in another direction with their pick:

“I remember getting the call that it wasn’t me for Bachelorette and I was like, ‘Dang! That kind of sucks.’ And then I found out it was [Hannah] at Women Tell All. It hurt. It definitely hurt.”

Aww, man. That means she found out on live TV just like the rest of us! She continued reflecting:

“It stung and I was upset and I was kind of led to believe that it was mine and then suddenly it wasn’t. It was Hannah’s. Looking back on previous seasons, it’s always been in the top four and then to branch out and to pick Hannah, it just hurt.”

That is a bitter pill to swallow, but the role had to go to someone, right? As a beauty pageant titleholder herself for Miss North Carolina USA 2018, Miller-Keyes had to have some understanding that only one person gets the crown, uh — we mean rose! Unfortunately, the timing was off for Caelynn…

As she mentioned, the reality dating competition show decided to break away from unofficial traditions and selected Miz Brown (who placed seventh) instead of the starlet who exited in fourth place.

Ultimately, things worked out for the two-time reality TV alum who found love with Dean Unglert after they both appeared on season six of Bachelor in Paradise. Caelynn previously told E! News of their relationship:

“It has been so much fun because he brings out a very different side of me. Our relationship is different than any other ones that I have had. He challenges me and pushes me in different ways. He takes me skydiving and puts me on the back of a motorcycle. He brings out the adventure side of me but also challenges me intellectually as well.”

She added:

“He is one of the best communicators as well. He has made me a better communicator. In relationships, I tend to close myself off if I am having a problem or an issue and he makes me be more vulnerable.”

Yeah… as far as we can see, she certainly got her happy ending! These two seem to be going strong with no intention of slowing down — and it sure as hell beats being at the center of massive controversy and at risk of losing her entire platform for using a racial slur like Hannah… right?

While Caelynn seems to have it all right now, she did leave things on a vague note when speaking to the iHeartRadio co-hosts in that interview:

“I felt like I was….I just have so many thoughts on the issues.”

Well, girl, we’re all ears! If there was something more that stood in her way, fans would love to know! Either way, all’s well that ends well, right?

Ch-ch-check out the full chit-chat (HERE) and let us know your thoughts (below) in the comments! Would U have wanted to see a different choice as The Bachelorette? And does your pick include either of these women or, a different finalist??

[Image via Fayes Vision/Instar/WENN]

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