Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Mean Girls Day Amid Controversy

Happy Mean Girls Day!

Lindsay Lohan Takes A Break From Controversy For IG Post!

Lindsay Lohan may be dealing with, well, a lot right now.

But she’d never forget where she came from. And by that we mean her Mean Girls high school.

Video: LiLo Gets Hit In The Face Trying To Help ‘Refugee Family’

On Wednesday she wore digital pink in an Instagram video celebrating Mean Girls Day, which is October 3rd because…

Heck, we’ll let Cady herself remind you:

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#OnWednesdaysWeWearPink 💕

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[Image via Paramount/Lindsay Lohan/Instagram.]

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Lindsay Lohan’s Friends Want Her To Return To U.S. After That Bizarre Child Trafficking Video

Bring LiLo Home!

Lindsay Lohan’s Friends Are Concerned About Her Mental Health!

Sounds like living abroad might not be the best thing for Lindsay Lohan after all. 

Days after the actress posted a bizarre video of herself chasing down a seemingly homeless family in Moscow and then getting punched in the face for it, a TMZ source says that her friends want her to return stateside.

The insider says LiLo’s pals are concerned about her mental health and have been begging her to go back with people who will look after her. They are especially worried she might be visiting Moscow to meet up with her allegedly abusive ex, Egor Tarabasov.

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A close friend of the 32-year-old hopes for her to move to Cincinnati so she will be in a paparazzi-free city with his circle of friends who will take care of her.

That’s highly unlikely, though, as the Mean Girls alum is shooting her reality show at her beach club in Myknonos. She can’t be the next Lisa Vanderpump in Cincinnati — but it sounds like a change might do her good.

Another source revealed Lindsay “hasn’t changed whatsoever” since moving overseas, telling People:

“She’s still partying very hard and drinking a lot. She’s a nightmare to those around her.”

You can take the girl out of LA…

It doesn’t matter where in the world Lindsay is — as long as she’s happy and healthy.

[Image via Instagram]

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Lindsay Lohan Stands By Decision To ‘Rescue’ Child Refugees In Moscow

Standing Her Ground!

Lindsay Lohan Stands By Decision To ‘Rescue’ Child Refugees In Moscow

Lindsay Lohan is not backing down.

As we reported, on Instagram Live on Saturday, the actress seemingly attempts to rescue two children, who she believes to be Syrian refugees involved in child trafficking.

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Despite receiving flack for the bizarre video shot in Russia, the Mean Girls star is standing by her decision.

According to The Blast, sources say LiLo truly believes the two kids were in danger, and does NOT believe the adults (seen in the video) were the actual parents of the children. This explains why the thespian tried to bring the kids to a safe hotel, and tried to grab one of their hands.

Though the Lohan Beach House owner is safe and is back in Paris, she is very shaken up by the incident.

Although she has been accused of displaying a sense of “white saviorism,” Lindsay believes she was doing the right thing.

[Image via Jonathan Rebboah/News Pictures/WENN.]

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Watch Lindsay Lohan Get Hit In The Face Trying To Help Out A ‘Syrian Refugee Family’

‘They’re Trafficking Children’!

Lindsay Lohan Gets Hit In The Face Trying To Help A ‘Syrian Refugee Family’

Lindsay Lohan tried to help out a seemingly homeless family of four who she believed were “a Syrian refugee family” — but it went so, so wrong.

The Among the Shadows star posted a strange video on Instagram Live Saturday, showing her approaching a man and woman sitting on a sidewalk with two boys huddled under a blanket. After some light conversation, the 32-year-old insists on helping the woman and her sons by paying for a hotel room for them.

Video: Lindsay Acts In The Trailer For Wild Werewolf Thriller

She coos, protectively:

“You want to come with me? Come with me. Come, come. I’ll take care. Let me take care of you guys…do you want to stay in a hotel tonight? Do you want to watch movies? Yeah. It’d be so cool, right, to watch a movie on TV or a computer? Let’s go. You’re gonna be the boss from now on. I’ll take you with me and we will see them tomorrow.”

Initially, Lindsay offers to take the entire family, but then she changes her mind and tells the woman, “Not your husband. Just you and your kids.” The woman and kids don’t budge, prompting the actress to plead for six minutes that they let her buy them a hotel room.

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Eventually, the group stands up. Lindsay asks the boys if they are excited — but then, the family heads the opposite direction of her car. Now confused and frightened, Lindsay cries out:

“Look what’s happening. They’re trafficking children. I won’t leave until I take you.”

Lindsay then follows the family, shouting:

“Now I know who you are. Don’t f**k with me. Hey kids! You’re ruining Arab culture by doing this. You’re taking these children. They want to go. I’m with you boys, don’t worry. The whole world is seeing this right now. I will walk forever.”

She didn’t walk forever. Lindsay tried to approach one of the boys and take him by the hand, causing the woman to angirly protest and get into a scuffle with the actress.

The camera drops and, after a moment, Lindsay picks it back up as she clutches her cheek in pain. She tearfully says:

“She just… I’m like in shock, people.”

So is everyone who watched this. See the bizarre incident go down (below).

[Image via Lindsay Lohan/Instagram]

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Dina Lohan In Major Debt, Filing For Bankruptcy

Get A Clue Dina!

LiLo's Momma Is $1.7 Million In Debt And Counting!

This is a long time coming!

Dina Lohan is drowning in $1.7 million of debt, and is filing for bankruptcy according to documents obtained by The Blast.

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The momma to Mykonos dancing queen Lindsay Lohan fell into foreclosure with her Merrick, New York home in 2013 after being seriously behind on her mortgage payments.

In addition to that, she owes money to the states of California and New York, Honda, and even her Victoria’s Secret credit card and kids’ former NY private school.


[Image via Rob Rich/WENN.]

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Watch Lindsay Lohan Act In The Trailer For This Wild New Werewolf Thriller…

Lohan's New Movie Trailer

Watch Lindsay Lead The Way In 'Among The Shadows'

Lindsay Lohan is at it again!

The actress is a lead in the forthcoming Among The Shadows, a thriller due out later this year centering on a politically-motivated murder and a whole lot of werewolves…

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The movie (also apparently called The Shadow Within, per IMDb) also stars Charlotte BeckettGianni Capaldi, and more.

As you can see (above), the trailer itself mixes sci-fi and werewolves with good old-fashioned political intrigue.

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Let us know your opinions in the comments (below)…

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Tyra Banks Says Lindsay Lohan WILL Appear In ‘Life-Size 2’!

LiLo Is In!

Tyra Banks Says Lindsay Lohan WILL Appear In 'Life-Size 2'!


Although a rep previously said Lindsay Lohan couldn’t appear in the Life-Size sequel “due to her production schedule for her new reality show” — currently titled Lohan Beach Club — OG costar Tyra Banks says otherwise!

Video: ANTM Contestant SCREAMS At Tyra Over The Life-Size Sequel

On Tuesday, the model told The Hollywood Reporter the Mean Girls star is, in fact, going to be in Life-Size 2! She said:

“She has this new TV show on MTV about this club so she couldn’t make it, which was sad… [Lindsay] will be in the movie in some kind of way… We’ll see where that ends up.”

Overall, the America’s Next Top Model host is extremely excited about her new flick, which is slated to premiere in December during Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas.

“I actually think we are going to surpass expectations because [for] me as a producer and actor in it, it surpassed my own expectations.”

Despite Lohan’s busy schedule, in July 2017, we EXCLUSIVELY reported that she is 100% down to appear in the fantasy-comedy.

[Image via Disney.]

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Ashlee Simpson Comes Clean — ‘Boyfriend’ Was About Lindsay Lohan!

It's True!

Ashlee Simpson Reveals 'Boyfriend' Was About Lindsay Lohan

The rumors are true and confirmed by the source: Boyfriend was in fact about Lindsay Lohan!

You know, the Ashlee Simpson-Ross hit song that literally took jabs at Lindz, in reference to ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in 2005. Yep, that one.

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On Tuesday, Simpson stopped by Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live! with husband Evan Ross to promote their upcoming E!  docu-series ASHLEE + EVAN. The singer ended up spilling the beans behind the song in a game of “Plead The Fifth.”

After quizzing the 33-year-old on topics like her sister Jessica Simpson‘s divorce and gauging her opinion on her peers like Mandy Moore and Britney Spears, Cohen flat out asked about the song’s most famous lyric and the status of her relationship with the Mykonos nightclub owner today.

Simpson-Ross replied:

“I mean, I hung out with him in first, and I wasn’t interested in him at that point. So, yeah! And we’re great! All is well! And by the way, they’re the best! All the love!”

To be clear, after confirming the lyrics were in fact, about Lindsay, Simpson-Ross reiterated she “didn’t” steal Valderrama from the Mean Girls star. By the time those two paired up, Ashlee says:

“I was done! But, all love here!”

Ahh, another early 2000’s rumor debunked!

[Image via Bravo!/YouTube]

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