Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, Pink, & More Are Victimized In ‘Mean Tweets: Music Edition’


Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, & Pink Victimized In Latest 'Mean Tweets'

As long as Twitter’s around, the world will be full of Mean Tweets — and as long as Jimmy Kimmel’s around, celebs will be forced to read them for our entertainment. Watch Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, Pink, Halsey, Gwen Stefani, and more of music’s finest read messages from the internet’s worst. 

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Liam Hemsworth Seriously Loves Scaring Miley Cyrus!

Liam Scares Miley... Again!

He Seriously Can't Stop Scaring The S**t Out Of That Poor Girl!

He’s at it again!!

Liam Hemsworth loves scaring Miley Cyrus almost as much as he loves Miley Cyrus… or maybe even more, considering how many times he spooks her when she least expects it!

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The Australian actor has a brand new scare video posted to his Instagram Stories (watch it HERE) where he makes Miley nearly jump out of her seat in the car while applying lipstick.

Risky!!! And too funny!!!

Add that to all the other scares that have been caught on camera, and seriously… poor Miley must be walking on egg shells all the time! LOLz!!

[Image via Instagram.]

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Miley Cyrus UNLEASHES On Liam Hemsworth After Yet Another Jump Scare!

'You F**king C***!'

Miley UNLEASHES On Liam Over Yet Another Jump Scare!

Scaring is caring.

Unless of course your partner has STRICTLY forbidden it! LOLz!

The last time Liam Hemsworth scared the crap out of Miley Cyrus, she was hopping mad and rightfully so. Do NOT mess around while driving, y’all!

Video: Couple’s Sweet & Sour Sides

This time we think she’s just had it with her boo’s BOO habit because she lets the expletives fly, even calling her fiancée a “f**king c***” after he films himself scaring her for Instagram.

Ch-ch-check out Mileybird being less than ladylike after getting the sweetness scared right out of her (below)!

Now we know why they keep breaking up! Ha!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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First They’re Sweet, Then They’re Sour — Liam Hemsworth Flips The Switch On Unsuspecting Miley Cyrus!

Liam And Miley!

Hemsworth Shows Off Couple's Sweet & Sour Sides On Instagram!

First they’re sour… then they’re sweet… y’all know that commercial we’re talking about, right?!

Well, Liam Hemsworth apparently decided it’s better to lead with your best foot and show the sour side later, because the two Instagram snaps he posted yesterday with Miley Cyrus are somethin’ else!

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First, Hemsworth opted for a cute selfie of the pair walking their four-legged friends — you know, just a sweet afternoon between him and his love (below):

Strolls with my girls.

A post shared by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on


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But Hemsworth couldn’t help but show his other side a few hours later — when, donning what appears to be some type of camouflage hunting mask, he goes for the easy scare of Cyrus in the car (below):

Gets her every time 😂

A post shared by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on


Somebody’s jumpy… LOLz!

With these two as strong as ever together right now even despite persistent rumors to the contrary, it sure seems like Hemsworth has perfected the sour/sweet ratio!

[Image via Instagram.]

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Noah Cyrus Opens Up About Her Battle With Depression & Anxiety

Noah Cyrus Opens Up...

Miley's Sister Gets Candid About Anxiety & Depression

Noah Cyrus isn’t afraid to be honest…

In the September issue of L’Officiel USA, Miley Cyrus‘ sister discusses her latest EP (out August) where she opens up about her mental health issues, specifically depression & anxiety.

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The Make Me (Cry) singer revealed:

“This EP is mostly just about how my emotions have been, and about my anxiety, and about how I’ve been struggling with depression, and how it’s okay to feel those feelings… A lot of people like to judge you, and make fun of you on the Internet, and people make you feel crazy whenever you’re in a depression or having anxiety or having a panic attack. It’s about that and being sad and having your emotions and not being able to ignore the feelings you’re having.”

The 18-year-old’s new music will show off her “emo” side, which is influenced by brother and former Metro Station frontman Trace Cyrus.

“Yeah, this next series of my art and my music is going to be an exploration of a more ‘emo’ side for sure… I think that probably stems from growing up with Trace Cyrus in my house because he was the king of emo.”’

On a lighter note, the musician also reveals her (yummy) vice.

“Oh my go-o-od!… Chili Fritos. Chili Cheese—it’s my favorite. I’m gonna go get some right now. So yum. I sit around and eat junk food all the time.”

Sounds delicious, Noah!

See a photo from her fierce new spread (below):

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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Chris Pratt Had Sunday Dinner With Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Whole Family — And Her Bro Took Video!

Chris Pratt Had Sunday Dinner With Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Whole Family — And Her Bro Took Video!

no title

We heard Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger were getting serious, and now we have even more evidence!

It was only June when the two were first spotted out on a date, and they’re quickly becoming family already.

After attending church together on Sunday morning, the Guardians Of The Galaxy star visited a whole other world — Maria Shriver‘s house!

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Katherine’s brother, hottie (and Miley Cyrus ex) Patrick Schwarzenegger, shared a peek at the family dinner on Instagram Story, along with the caption: (more…)

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Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Aren’t Breaking Up, Nor Are They Rushing To Get Married — Here’s Where Things Stand (For Now)

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Aren’t Breaking Up, Nor Are They Rushing To Get Married — Here’s Where Things Stand (For Now)

no title

Don’t count on Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth getting married any time soon!!

And, also, don’t expect them to break up any time soon, either — goodness knows THOSE (false) stories have made the rounds lately.

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In fact, instead of expecting either thing to come true, maybe we should all just let their relationship ride out as is — because insiders say the pair is happy together as they are, and they may (more…)

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Miley Cyrus To Release New Music Next Month!!!

Miley Cyrus To Release New Music Next Month!!!

no title

Whenever a celeb blacks out their social media accounts these days, we can expect either a hacking scandal or a major project to follow.

Thankfully, Miley Cyrus‘ recent Instagram scrub down is due to the latter. That’s right, y’all — she’s getting ready to drop new music next month!!

Video: Proof Liam & Miley Are Stronger Than Ever

A source revealed that Miley’s social media wipe was merely in preparation for her big return to music in August, telling Us Weekly: (more…)

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