Former Bachelor Chris Soules Motions To Dismiss Hit-And-Run Charge, Says He Didn’t Technically Break The Law

Chris Soules

Chris Soules is still dealing with the aftermath of his deadly car crash back in April.

As we reported, the former Bachelor was arrested after he allegedly left the scene of a fatal accident after his truck rammed into a John Deere tractor trailer, sending it into a ditch. Kenneth Moser — the driver of the tractor — died as a result of his injuries.

In September, the former reality star appeared at a five-minute pre-trial hearing in Iowa, where his attorneys asked the judge to dismiss his charge, which is considered a class D felony.

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On Monday, Soules appeared in court once again — and his lawyer Robert Montgomery argued that the charge of failing to remain at the scene of a fatal collision should be dismissed because Soules did everything required of him by law. In the argument, the rep said Soules identified himself to a 911 dispatcher, provided aid to Mosher, and waited until emergency responders arrived.

On the other side, prosecutor Scott Brown refuted that argument by saying the law implies that drivers responsible for fatal crashes must remain until they speak with an officer. Brown insisted Soules took off in his truck, leaving before even the witnesses.

Whether or not the motion to dismiss the case will be determined by Judge Andrea Dryer at a later date. The trial is scheduled to start January 18.

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Nov 27, 2017 5:24pm PDT

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