One Legal Mess Resolved For Dr. Murray!


Well, on the upside, he’s at least resolved ONE of his legal issues.

Dr. Conrad Murray has settled his lawsuit against the FDIC regarding a loan he took out on his Las Vegas home!

According to legal documents, Murray fell behind on his mortgage in 2009, and in attempt to avoid foreclosure, attempted to mediate the terms of $1.65 million promissory note held by the FDIC.

After he was arrested for his involvement in Michael Jackson‘s death, however, the mediation fell apart and his financial documentation was seized.

Although they initially attempted to have his lawyer dismissed, the FDIC has apparently now been cooperative, and according to their lawyers:

“Parties having agreed on the terms of a settlement and needing only to memorialize and execute an agreement and file a stipulation of dismissal.”

Well, that takes care of that mess!

However, something tells us that MJ’s trial will NOT be settled so amicably!

[Image via AP Images.]

Oct 8, 2010 4:20pm PST

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