Courtney Vs. The Veronicas: Part Deux


Doesn’t a 45-year old woman have something better to do?

Say, we dunno, being a mom?!

After pathetic accusations that The Veronicas stole her clothes, Courtney Love has gone off the deep and immature end.

The druggie singer took to her Twitter to post a “final piece of hating.” (AKA This pic of two child beauty queens she felt resembled “some Australians”.)

Jess of the Veronicas responded with a series of Tweets, including her own snarky pic to the former Hole member.

Says Jess:

“What that twat just dosn’t get.. is we’re getting famous from her shit! 😀 <3”

“Hmmm I give it a year before KARMA unravels all the surgery a particular “delusional” lady has had done!! 😀 …”

“I am astounded at the lack of Class some people have. I would rather take the high road <3 .. and give a few low blows every now and then..”

“Then go around wanking myself off, and abusing hard working people who still HAVE a reputation to be proud of!”

“Ok.. so you ruined your reputation a long time ago.. But your not bringing the rest of us down with you.”

The Veronicas’ dresses were custom-made by The Boudoir Queen, but we don’t expect an apology from Courtney.

We expect an overdose!

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[Image via WENN.]

Aug 13, 2009 5:00pm PST