Cars Land Is Almost Here! Disneyland California Adventure Prepares Grand Opening!

Cause who doesn’t love a lil’ magic!?!

Described as “breathtaking,” Disney‘s newest attraction in their California Adventure park is 12 acres full of movie fun and new experiences ready to be loved!

With 280,00 sqft of mountains to envelop the atmosphere, park-goers can enjoy a 125-foot-tall Cadillac Range and three BRAND NEW RIDES!!

Lisa Girolami, senior show producer of Walt Disney Imagineering, says:

“If you’re a little kid and you just want to have that visceral enjoyment, you’ll have that, but if you’re a Disney-phile and you really want to get those deep, deep, deep stories, they’re here too.”


Oh! We bet you’re wanting some ride descriptions, no? Well you’re in luck because here you go:

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree: a classic whip ride similar to the teacups but stronger and faster

Luigi’s Flying Tires: like bumper cars but with a lil’ levitation

Radiator Springs Racers: fast drag race along the mountains and inside the beautiful Cars themselves

We’re SUPER excited about that last one!! Which one are U jonesin’ for??

Officially opening Friday, June 15, Cars Land is expected to amp the summer volume at Disneyland & DCA… but it’s still totally worth it, right?


Jun 14, 2012 4:30am PST

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