Does Rosie O’Donnell Have A New Girlfriend?


All evidence points to YES!

Rosie O’Donnell appears to have a new lady in her life and sources tell us that her name is Tracy Kachtick-Anders, an artist from Texas who has six children!

How Brady Bunch of them!

Rosie apparently met Tracy through her blog and the comedian isn’t exactly being coy about her new love in the Ask Ro section:

hmmm Writes:

i must admit, it’s kinda weird to see u w/ someone else (besides kelli)… but i’m happy for u if u are happy!

i am happy

Joanne Writes:

I can’t get your radio show so I miss alot. You have a gf? Good for you! I figured those were her legs in tub picture:-)


Lori Writes:

I know who that is it is the lovely lesbian artist with many children who asked you if you would like to trade art i remember that ? on this site much happiness for you Ro

smart girl – lori

Ro also basically confirms that Tracy is the same woman we reported about in November when the two of them were spotted jet-skiing in Miami together:

Luci Writes:

So Ro, your new lady friend is the gal that had her picture taken with you on a jet ski in Miami a couple of months ago, right? The one that was “just a friend”. Best of luck to both of you.

she was on the jet ski
in miami

Rosie even has photos of Tracy and her children on her blog.

Of Tracy’s six children, 5 are adopted and 1 was birthed, and nearly all of them have special needs of some kind.

Not only that, but she is also a writer, a doula, created the non-profit organization Open Arms Campaign and even invented The Sleep Tight Wedge for infants!


She seems like she could be a perfect match for Ro since she is also very passionate about children and their well-being as well as being somewhat of a Renaissance woman herself with all of her interests and activities!

Also in an interview from October with Tracy about her art and parenting, when asked about her future plans she says:

“Oh, and maybe for a future plan, I’d like a date with an inspiring woman!”

Looks like she may have gotten her wish! We’re happy for you, RoRo. She sounds like a keeper!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

Dec 30, 2009 10:30am PDT

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