Hookers, Spies, & Bribes! Donald Trump’s Election Consultants Caught On Hidden Camera Revealing Their Illegal Tactics!

If you’ve heard the name Cambridge Analytica a lot over the past couple days but had no idea who they were or what they do, get ready to dive in!

First, no they aren’t an encyclopedia company. They’re a data company based in the U.K. that uses people’s personal online data to market candidates directly to them.

Over the weekend, a whistleblower revealed this data was actually stolen from Facebook in 2014 — that’s right, YOUR data was harvested without consent by this political firm.

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The data was used by then head Steve Bannon to help get Donald Trump elected. Disgusting. Unethical. Probably illegal. We’ll see.

But on Monday, an even more lurid accusation came out. Channel 4 secretly filmed Cambridge Analytica execs talking about their tactics — which included spies, sex, and bribes!

In one undercover video, CEO Alexander Nix says when targeting political opponents, they sometimes “send some girls around to the candidate’s house.” He even notes Ukrainian girls “are very beautiful, I find that works very well.”


He also flat out admits to bribing candidates then recording it for kompromat. Sorry, that’s what the KGB calls it. We mean blackmail material:

“We’ll offer a large amount of money to the candidate, to finance his campaign in exchange for land for instance, we’ll have the whole thing recorded, we’ll blank out the face of our guy and we post it on the Internet.”

This is of course highly illegal in the U.S. AND the U.K.

BTW, special prosecutor Robert Mueller is already all over Cambridge Analytica. The Wall Street Journal reported he requested their data records back in December.

A spokesperson for Cambridge Analytica denied the report, saying:

“We entirely refute any allegation that Cambridge Analytica or any of its affiliates use entrapment, bribes, or so-called “honey-traps” for any purpose whatsoever├óΓé¼┬ª We routinely undertake conversations with prospective clients to try to tease out any unethical or illegal intentions├óΓé¼┬ª”

HONEY TRAPS! That’s the word we were looking for! Thanks, buddy!

You can see their entire shocking special report (above)!

Mar 19, 2018 7:34pm PDT