Trump Redirected Millions In Hurricane Relief Money To ICE For More Detention Centers!

No need to wonder what this administration really cares about.

Donald Trump actually called the government’s Puerto Rico relief effort “an incredible unsung success” and “an unappreciated great job” yesterday and today.

After months without power or clean water and an official death count of nearly 3,000 dead.

If you remember, Trump’s big argument was that the government couldn’t afford any more aid.

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Well, that didn’t stop him from pulling nearly $10 million from this year’s FEMA budget, right at the beginning of hurricane season, to help fund ICE.

Senator Jeff Merkley from the appropriations committee released the documents on Tuesday which show the Department of Homeland Security requested money from FEMA areas like “preparedness and protection” and “response and recovery” to help fund their massive immigrant detention surge.

Merkley says the money was for an expansion including “more detention centers.” Considering they decided to start putting children in cages right around that time, clearly this was where the money went.

DHS confirmed the money was transferred but tried to claim it wouldn’t hurt relief efforts this year.

Something tells us having $10 million less will affect relief — especially if the government is pinching pennies again this year.

This news of course comes as Hurricane Florence heads toward the Southeast.

But hey, maybe Trump will toss them some paper towels. Those are cheap.

[Image via Johnny Louis/WENN.]

Sep 12, 2018 12:27pm PST

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