Donald Trump Refuses To Apologize Or Retract Wiretapping Claims — Instead, White House Tries To Shift Focus To WHAT?!

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Donald Trump refuses to admit any wrongdoing or apologize. Shocking.

After this morning’s hearings in which FBI director James Comey confirmed that neither the Bureau, nor the DOJ, nor the NSA had found any evidence of Barack Obama wiretapping the future POTUS, Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked in a press briefing whether Drumpf will withdraw his allegations.

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The quick and easy response?


It seems despite everyone saying there’s no evidence, the White House is standing firm.

Funny enough, the very next question was about the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, in which Spicer pulled a total logical 180, saying:

“There’s a point at which you continue to search for something that everyone who’s been briefed hasn’t seen or found.”

Ha! Watch that go down (below)!

Weirdly, the new strategy seems to be to try to shift everyone’s focus off Russia and onto those who illegally leaked information “unmasking” Michael Flynn and others.

So, the people responsible for letting us know who in our government had unethical or illegal contact with a foreign power are the bad guys? Got it…

See the press conference lowlight (below)!

Luckily, the American people have become accustomed to seeing through Trump’s tactics, as they proved on Twitter:

[Image via CNN/Johnny Louis/WENN.]

Mar 20, 2017 2:27pm PST