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Ed Sheeran ‘Lookalike’ Was Banned From TikTok Because Of Uncanny Resemblance??

Ed Sheeran ‘Lookalike’ Banned From TikTok Because Of Resemblance: ‘I Feel Like It’s Discrimination’

It pays to be Ed Sheeran… but not to just look like him.

Ty Jones is just trying to make content like many other 20-somethings, but TikTok is throwing a wrench in his plan! If he hasn’t come across your For You Page before, pretty much all you need to know is that he strikes an uncanny resemblance to the Shape of You singer.

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When your wife clearly has a type. it’s clearly Ed Sheeran and a good job I’m not offended ???? #wife #wife #edsheeran

♬ LMAO THE VIDS – ✨ ILikePotatosOnCheese ✨

Lookalike much??

However, there’s one key difference between the two that Ty always tells his 100k+ followers so they don’t confuse the two: while he CAN play the guitar, he’s definitely not a singer. But that didn’t save him from the video sharing app’s “community guidelines.”


This is my attempt at making Ed Sheeran Bad Habits with a loop station and guitar #edsheeran #badhabits #loopstation #guitar

♬ original sound – Life Of Ty

In an interview with The US Sun Thursday, the Manchester native shared that his account was banned last weekend because TikTok believed he was attempting to impersonate the red-headed rocker. He told the outlet:

“It’s quite obvious I’m a lookalike. I actually can’t sing. People always comment on my videos, saying, ‘Oh my God, it’s Ed Sheeran.’ I’m always repeating myself saying, ‘I’m not Ed.’

The 28-year-old continued:

“Sometimes I have it in bold writing. I feel like it’s discrimination because I can’t change the way I look. Just because I look like Ed Sheeran, does that mean I can’t make TikToks?”

When he puts it like that, yeah, we can see how that’s kinda messed up.

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The father of one appealed his ban, telling the outlet he counts on his videos to make a living. He shared:

“I make videos of me living my life as an Ed lookalike. It’s my full-time job. I was keen to promote what I do and market my business.”

We think it’s pretty clear that Ty isn’t claiming to be the Thinking Out Loud singer. He’s made it known time and time again that he’s merely a lookalike, and like he said, he can’t change the way he looks. It’d be one thing if he got a bunch of plastic surgery to specifically look like Ed, but this is just a case of his genes doing their thing! Hilariously — and justifiably — Ty pointed out:

“Maybe TikTok should ban Ed for impersonating me as well given that we look the same.”

Hmmm, he’s got a point there. The two seriously look like twins separated at birth! However, 32-year-old Ed is four years Ty’s elder.


I thought I’d give this effect a go and low and behold it turned out to be Ed Sheeran who I look like ????#effect #edsheeran #lookalike

♬ original sound – Niana Guerrero – Niana Guerrero

He shared that the social media giant told him upon reviewing his appeal:

“It was determined that your account has violated our Community Guidelines and cannot be restored.”

However, after The US Sun got in touch with them, they were quick to change their minds and reinstate his account.

Happy ending!

Do YOU think it was ridiculous for TikTok to ban him in the first place, Perezcious readers? Or was it valid? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

[Images via Ty Jones/Instagram & The Howard Stern Show/YouTube]

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