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Ex-Prada Employee Sues For Discrimination


She’s baaaack!

After having her labor complaint dismissed by the Tokyo District Court, former Prada manager Rina Bovrisse is gearing up for another lawsuit against her former employer.

Rina, who said she was fired for being ugly, is suing Prada Japan for harassing and discriminating not just against her, but other staff members as well.

Contrary to what Prada said previously, Rina claims no settlement was reached when it came to her labor complaint, which allows her to pursue the discrimination lawsuit.

The bitter ex-employee is seeking compensation for emotional damages and lawyer fees but she hasn’t put an amount down in writing because she’s more concerned with receiving a letter of apology.

We call B.S. on that one! We can bet she wants money out of this.

The weird part of whole thing is that she’s created a Facebook fan page in her name to prove she’s not ugly or fat. So far she only has 184 fans.

[Image via Facebook.]

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Mar 19, 2010 15:30pm PDT

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