George Takei’s ‘Sexual Assault’ Accuser Walks Back His Story! See George’s ‘Grateful’ Response!

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Has George Takei been exonerated??

Back in November, fans of the socially progressive Star Trek star were shocked to hear a new accusation of drugging and groping a male model named Scott Brunton back in 1981.

For many, that surprise was simply folded into the broader narrative that many men we looked up to were turning out to be predators behind closed doors.

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Well, that wasn’t good enough for reporter Shane Snow, who had a book coming out in which he had profiled Takei’s charity work against homophobia and racism. Needing to know if Takei deserved to have the honor stripped away, Snow did some digging into the story.

After he noticed several discrepancies in Brunton’s various interviews, he even got a chance to question the alleged victim for himself.

Here’s a brief summary of what he found and posted in a lengthy investigation in the Observer:

1. Brunton had more to drink that night than he had previously said; he had been drinking wine prior to the cocktails with George. He also weighed less — he was down to 170 lbs, not 180 — an important factor for judging blood alcohol content, which experts say based on the amount of drinks in the story was likely over the legal limit.

2. Two separate toxicologists were presented with the story as a blind case study and ruled out date rape drugs. The drugs which existed in 1981 would not have allowed Brunton to simply get up and leave. As we’ve heard from Bill Cosby‘s victims, quaaludes caused lack of muscle control for hours, not a few seconds. As for why he got dizzy when he stood up? Both thought it was likely from alcohol plus postural hypotension, aka standing up too fast.

3. When presented with these assessments, Brunton actually told Snow it made him feel better to go back to what he originally thought before seeing all the TV reports about Cosby — that he had just gotten too drunk.

4. Brunton admitted he was lying about having met Takei years later for coffee, a story he had told to The Hollywood Reporter. He had actually just attended a book signing where he stood in line and got his book signed.

5. A retired DA told Snow the story as told contained “nothing to prosecute” as when Brunton denied his consent, Takei immediately backed off.

Most importantly, Brunton said “sexual assault” in his account to THR, but he only mentioned groping of his crotch in that telling, later leaving it out of his CNN interview. And he only mentioned his drink being drugged in later versions. Sometimes Takei’s shirt was on, sometimes it was off. In the most recent account directly to Snow, he didn’t mention Takei touching his genitals at all — only trying to pull at his pants.

When Snow asked the question directly, the answer got much less clear. He quotes Bunton as saying:

“You know… probably… He was clearly on his way to… to… to going somewhere.”

Bunton then admitted he did not specifically remember Takei ever touching his genitals.

The accuser also told Snow he had told the story of Takei making a pass at him many times as “a great party story” that would get a laugh.

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He said it was “not painful” and “didn’t scar” him, seeming to contradict his earlier statements to the press. He also said it was seeing Takei comment publicly about Kevin Spacey‘s scandal (he’d said, “When power is used in a nonconsensual situation, it is wrong.”) that made him angry for the first time. Takei had been older and had come on to him. He said he wanted an apology.

Again, Snow asked directly whether Brunton had previously considered the encounter an assault:

“No. Just an unwanted situation. It’s just a very odd event.”

In direct contrast to his previous accusation, Brunton admitted he did not consider Takei an abuser or a criminal.

He said he would even believe Takei if he said the whole thing was simply a misunderstanding — provided he got his apology.

Takei shared the article, responding over several tweets:

It sounds very much like Brunton is recanting completely.

Sadly, it may be too late for Takei, whose name has been tarnished and is now in the public’s minds among Spacey, Cosby, and Harvey Weinstein.

Snow double checked and found that Takei was right when he said a Russian propaganda network had helped spread the story as well, just as Donald Trump Jr. had gleefully done to the vocal critic of his dad on Twitter. (We know, it sounds like a conspiracy, but is it when it’s out in the open?)

As Snow says at the end of his piece:

“Brunton didn’t really want all that; he says he just wanted to spur an old friend to reach out and to say sorry for an unwanted situation.”

That does not sound like a sexual assault victim.

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May 25, 2018 7:34pm PST