Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn Leaving ‘Project Runway’ To Helm New Fashion Reality Series For Amazon

They're All Gone!

Project Runway? More Like Project Done-Way...

No more Project Runway for a few icons in the TV fashion business!

Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum are officially leaving the long-running reality competition series, opting for a new deal that will bring a brand new fashion reality show to Amazon. And Zac Posen is out, too — to work on his own new projects.

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Media reports hold that while details on the upcoming Klum/Gunn show are being kept very tight under wraps, it will mark an opportunity for the pair to continue their now 14-year professional partnership — only this time, away from the iconic Project Runway brand.

In a statement, Klum said of her decision to leave (below):

“After 16 incredible seasons, I am saying ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to Project Runway, a show that I was honored to host and help create. I am incredibly proud of the show, and it will always have a special place in my heart. I am so appreciative of the dedicated fans, and most of all, I am grateful that we could shine a light on creativity and help launch so many talented designers’ careers. I’m most excited that my journey with my dear friend and colleague, Tim Gunn, is far from over. We will be partnering with Amazon for a new show, and we’re excited for everyone to see what we’re designing next!”


And Gunn himself added more in his own statement to the media (below):

“I am grateful to Project Runway for putting me on a path I never, in my wildest dreams, thought my career would take me! I am so proud to have been a part of the groundbreaking process that showcased talented young designers as never before. Most importantly, I am indebted to our incredible fans, they are the heart and soul of what we do and continue to inspire us to raise the bar in this arena. I’m excited for them to see what’s next, as I partner with Amazon and Heidi Klum on our next great ‘fashion’ adventure.”


What little we are learning about the new series sounds interesting, though. It’ll debut in more than 200 countries and intends to appeal to those “who are entertained by competition, storytelling, and authenticity,” while also giving viewers the opportunity to buy what they see on the show via Amazon Fashion.

Inneresting!!! Should prove to be a success with Klum & Gunn working on it, at least.

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Meanwhile, Posen released his own statement to the media today about leaving the show, as well (below):

“Working alongside Heidi, Nina [Garcia] and Tim as a judge for six seasons of Project Runway was one of the greatest experiences of my career. I will cherish the opportunity the show gave me to learn from and grow with my co-judges, the producers, crew and designers. Runway has led to incredible opportunities, and I am currently at work on some new projects that I am very excited to share with you soon. I wish the show and everyone much success always.”

Awww! Professional!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?! Is Project Runway done after losing such mainstays in quick succession??

Or will they resurrect it with a completely new lineup and successfully re-invent the show now that it’s back on Bravo???

Let us know your opinions in the comments (below)…

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Twitter And Periscope Permanently Ban Alex Jones & Infowars

Alex Jones BANNED!

Twitter & Periscope Permanently Ban Alex Jones & Infowars


About a month after virtually every other tech service in Silicon Valley did it, Twitter just joined the party and banned Alex Jones and Infowars from both its own platform, as well as its subsidiary, Periscope.

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The company announced the move in a series of tweets on Thursday afternoon (below):

Though it’s unclear based on those tweets what exactly sent Jones and Infowars over the edge this time, reports suggest that it was Jones’ behavior towards Senator Marco Rubio that got him in hot water. (After confronting Rubio in D.C. yesterday, Jones took to Periscope to brag about how he trolls journalists and share abusive language about them.)

Previously, Jones had been banned by other social networks and outlets, including Facebook and YouTube, for his problematic speech and divisive, controversial content.

Now, it looks like Twitter has joined the fray.

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Share your opinions with us in the comments (below)…

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Younes Bendjima Reportedly Tipped Off Paparazzi About Kourtney Kardashian Meeting!!

Younes Set
Up Kourt?!

Kardashian Sisters Think Younes Bendjima Tipped Off Paparazzi

Younes Bendjima is out here trying to squeeze out every last drop of his fifteen minutes of fame!

The model, who Kourtney Kardashian dumped weeks ago, was caught on camera Monday night meeting with her in a Malibu restaurant parking lot.

It was a curious sight — we explicitly wondered at the time how Kourt could be so oblivious as to meet in a public place with the windows rolled down in the car so paparazzi could see in — and now, we’re getting some answers about that.

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Sources close to the situation tell TMZ they believe Younes himself set up the meeting and tipped off paparazzi that they’d be there, so as to ensure pictures would get snapped.

The sources go even further as to note that Kourt’s sisters — Kim and Khloe — believe this to be a desperate plan by Bendjima to remain relevant and in the spotlight. The random meeting occurred in the parking lot of a sushi spot the pair had never been to (WTF?) and, again, why else leave the windows rolled down??

LOLz!!! How pathetic, dude!

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But that’s not all: Kim & Khlo believe Younes tipped off the paparazzi a LOT while he and Kourt were dating, because photogs would show up at random places that there’s no other way they could have known about in advance.

Thirsty!! Sounds like Younes was addicted to the publicity and thought he might be able to help his career with it!

Nice try, Younes!!!

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Did Laura Ingraham Think No One Would Notice This Racist Trolling?! Come On!

Laura Ingraham's Latest Racist Trolling

She's Doubling Down On Ron DeSantis...

This is what happens when someone gets away with being horrible. They double down.

Laura Ingraham should have been canceled across the board for mocking the victims of the Parkland shooting, but apparently enough sponsors stuck around to keep her in business.

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That or it doesn’t matter if the shows on Fox News lose money because it’s just a big propaganda machine for corporate interests Donald Trump is all too willing to appease.

But we digress.

Today’s example of awfulness comes from Ingraham’s radio show, in which she was talking about her interview with Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis.

The Trump-approved politician was the GOP nominee less than a day before resorting to thinly veiled racism, telling Florida voters not to “monkey this up” by voting for his African American opponent.

Naturally, Ingraham came at this from a place of sensitivity, discussing the ramifications of racially charged language and its history in American politics.

LOLz, we’re just kiddin’.

She doubled down by playing the Peter Gabriel song Shock The Monkey in the background!

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The musical choice ostensibly said “monkey monkey monkey look I’ll say it all day long.”

What Ingraham actually said was:

“This is the way the Democrats are going to play this all the way to 2020. It is identity politics 24/7, no issue discussion really except we want free stuff, and then the other person has to be just racist. If it’s an African American candidate and a Republican is running against that candidate, more often than not, the left will try to figure out a way to call that Republican opponent racist. And until the public just says no to this, they say, ‘No, we’re not going to accept this type of bullying from the left, to intimidate people from speaking out,’ then this is going to keep happening.”

Right. Like it’s OUR fault he said it.

If you’ve actually followed Andrew Gillum‘s response to the incident, it’s clear he would much rather talk about issues.

It’s these Trumpist GOP a-holes who want to talk about anything other than how their Tax Scam didn’t really help anyone but billionaires, how voters actually want healthcare, their aversion to common sense gun safety laws, their ever-growing number of corruption scandals, and the Republican party’s oddly friendly Russia platform.

Frankly, most of America would rather racism not be such a part of Trump and his cronies’ platform.

But that’s the base they’re energizing. So here we are.

And there you are, not just defending it — but being another example.

Shame on you, Laura Ingraham. Though we seriously doubt that’s even possible anymore.

[Image via Fox News.]

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Controversial ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Contestant Leo Dottavio Melts Down On Twitter, Threatens Other ‘Bachelor’ Stars

Go Home, Leo!

Shamed 'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestant Fights EVERYBODY On Twitter, Goes Down In Flames

Leo Dottavio, baby, what are you doing?!

The former Bachelorette contestant and recently-eliminated Bachelor in Paradise firebrand with the super-long hair is apparently not done going crazy this week — but this time, all the drama is taking place on Twitter.

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After his, uh, interesting pair of BiP episodes aired on Monday and Tuesday, the stuntman took to Twitter to criticize two people who had called him out negatively while live-watching his incredible meltdown the show: Bachelor alums Amanda Stanton and Tanner Tolbert.

Amanda revealed what happened in a tweet (below):

And then later revealed that after it happened, Leo immediately blocked her (below):

Leo quickly replied, too, in a since-deleted tweet (below):

“Going after my livelihood cause of unsubstantiated claims from my college days isn’t too classy miss. I don’t even know who you are but it’s pathetic. Faux ass celeb. Find some other way to stay relevant.”


Immediately after that, Tolbert tweeted his own thoughts about Leo and his weird relationship with Kendall, offering up some opinions Leo did NOT care for (below):


But Leo took immediate offense to it, responding again to Tanner in a public string of (again, now-deleted) tweets, including this:

“Hey buddy why don’t we settle this old school? Put some gloves on step in the ring? Next time you’re in LA maybe we can do that. Whoever loses donates 5k to charity. Heck I’ll let you wear head gear. When I knock you out can I stand over you and call you a beta?”

Uh… is Leo one of those people who calls other men ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ males? Because that says it all right there…

Fortunately, Tanner quote-tweeted him back to call him out (below):


Even Nick Viall got into it in Tanner’s defense (below):


Again, Leo deleted all of his tweets, and he clearly backtracked after his bad behavior online, saying:

“Hey guys I hope you all know today was an attempt at humor. It’s honestly very humbling there are so many people concerned about my love life and mental health. God bless.”

But the damage is done, and the absurdity has been documented.

In the infamous words of Tia on the show the other night: go home, Leo!

Go home!

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Donald Trump Accuses NBC & Lester Holt Of ‘Fudging’ Tape Where He Admitted To Potentially Obstructing Justice

Trump Lies Again!

We Know -- He Lies Every Day -- But This One Is REALLY Bad

Donald Trump is on one this morning!

His tiny fingers are moving a mile a minute as he tweets endlessly about Russia and the media again, but this time, he posted such a breathtakingly stupid tweet that, well, we have to cover it.

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Just a couple hours ago, Trump posted this (below) — and take special notice to what he said in the second half of it, about NBC News and reporter Lester Holt:

If you’ve been following Trump’s little saga as President, Holt should ring a bell in your head: he’s the guy who sat down with Cheeto and got him to admit — on camera, unedited — that he fired Comey “over this Russia thing with Trump and Russia,” therefore potentially admitting to obstructing justice.

Here’s the craziest part: NBC released the full, extended, unedited version of the interview MONTHS ago! (You can watch that interview HERE, BTW.)

In other words, nobody has any idea what Trump means by Holt being caught “fudging” the interview, or being “hurt badly,” because literally Neither. Thing. Ever. Happened.

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Of course, Trump provided no proof for his claim.

Thankfully, others got right to the point of why Trump might have randomly done this now (below):

And somehow we’ll all continue on, as if behavior like this is normal in America — a political leader publicly accusing a media member of lying and doctoring quotes without any evidence to back it up, while video evidence actually shows the opposite as true.

What’s happening to this country?!

[Image via Dutch Press Photo/WENN.]

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Meghan Markle Blogged About Wanting To Be A Princess 4 Years Ago!

Princess In The Making?

Meghan Markle Blogged About Wanting To Be A Princess 4 Years Ago!

This just goes to show that when you put something out into the universe… sometimes, things turn out in your favor!!!

People dug up a four-year-old post from Meghan Markle‘s now-defunct lifestyle blog The Tig, in which the actress-turned-Duchess wrote about her dreams of becoming a princess!

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In the blog post, Markle — who at that point had no idea she’d actually be a member of the royal family just a few years later — wrote about a meeting she’d had with Libyan princess Alia Al-Senussi, and how that reinvigorated Markle’s dream of royalty (below):

“Little girls dream of being princesses. I, for one, was all about She-Ra, Princess of Power … Grown women seem to retain this childhood fantasy. Just look at the pomp and circumstance surrounding the royal wedding and endless conversation about Princess Kate.”


Now, after her big wedding to Prince Harry earlier this summer, you’d probably be able to replace “Princess Kate” in that sentence with “Meghan Markle,” right?! Lovely!

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The Tig is no longer a thing, sadly, but it’s always a fun time to look around at stuff like this and really get the picture of just how far the Duchess of Sussex has come in the last few years! Incredible!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?! Let us know in the comments (below)!!

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Thomas Markle Now Says He Lied To Prince Harry About Staging Those Infamous Paparazzi Pics

What A

Thomas Markle Now Says He Lied To Prince Harry About Staging Those Infamous Paparazzi Pics

no title

Now, Thomas Markle says he initially lied to Prince Harry about those infamous paparazzi photos he staged back in May, ahead of his daughter Meghan Markle‘s royal wedding to the prince.

This revelation is part of a bombshell new interview out in The Daily Mail on Sunday, where Thomas seems to come clean about some of his previously-shady paparazzi deals, among other things.

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Speaking to the media about Harry’s warnings about the media, Thomas recalled (below): (more…)

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Is Back For Another Magnificent Year — Watch The Season 2 Trailer HERE!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Is Back For Another Magnificent Year — Watch The Season 2 Trailer HERE!

The critically-acclaimed show returns!!!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is coming back to Amazon for a second season, and its trailer finally dropped on Thursday, giving us the perfect tease for this Golden Globe-winning, Emmy-nominated series!!

Ch-ch-check out the season two trailer (above), and get excited, y’all… new episodes are reportedly expected to hit Amazon “before the end of the year”!!!!

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Khloe Kardashian Asks Fans & Mommy Shamers To ‘Be Kind’ About Her Pregnancy Look On Upcoming Episodes Of ‘KUWTK’

Khloe Kardashian Asks Fans & Mommy Shamers To ‘Be Kind’ About Her Pregnancy Look On Upcoming Episodes Of ‘KUWTK’

no title

Poor Khloé Kardashian!

True Thompson‘s momma is re-living her pregnancy now that KUWTK is airing new episodes again, and with that comes a lot of insecurity from Khlo about how her body changed when she was with baby.

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The reality TV star wasn’t feeling herself, and we can tell because she’s already posted a message on her Instagram account asking fans and mommy shamers to “be kind” when judging her body and its changes on the show.

Here’s what Khlo had to say on her IG Stories ahead of last night’s wildly controversial season premiere of KUWTK (below): (more…)

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