All-Female Ghostbusters Is Real! The Heat Team Confirmed To Write And Direct!

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Yes, it’s true. This movie has no d*ck.

Director Paul Feig has officially confirmed that he is bringing an all-female Ghostbusters movie to the big screen! And he’s bringing The Heat!

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That is to say, he’s bringing the writer of The Heat (and also Parks & Recreation) Katie Dippold! Paul gave fans the good news tweeting:

We’re ready to believe you, Paul!

Unfortunately, this will now officially be a reboot and NOT a sequel, meaning Bill Murray will not be making an appearance as O.G. Ghostbuster Peter Venkman.

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But we couldn’t think of a better combo to write and direct this! Especially if it means Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock crossing streams again!

Oct 9, 2014 12:24pm PST

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