Glee Shines The Wonder! Watch Every Performance From Last Night’s Episode HERE!

As always, Amber Riley is perfection!

Jubilant, as pretty of a word as that is, doesn’t even qualify as the adjective for our emotions once she started singing on Glee again. Her rendition of Higher Ground was SU-PERB!

And frankly, this is what Glee should’ve done from the start with their veterans. Each of them would come back for a character-centric episode, where they would be the focus and help the newbies with some aspect of growing up/performing/etc.!

Regardless, ch-ch-check out Amber’s AH-MAZING performance (above)!!

Then you can head on down to the rest of Stevie Wonder town …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Finally! A storyline for Artie! LOLz!

Still too brief, it was fun watching Kevin McHale exercise his craft again. For Once In My Life was the perfect choice for him, and it sounds like he’s on his way to New York next year!!! WooHoo!!!!

And then there were four… (now, if we can get Brittany and Blaine in the Big Apple, we should be all set for next year!)

You know we pretty much love anything Chris Colfer does, but this cover of You Are The Sunshine Of My Life wasn’t as moving as when he sang I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

VERY sweet still, of course! But when ya set a bar high enough…

Such a bubbly Kitty!

Becca Tobin pranced around the room singing Signed, Sealed, Delivered, so much so we were literally expecting her to turn into a butterfly.

Hey, remember last week when Kitty had a crush on Ryder? Apparently, we’re skipping over that entirely and now she’s back to flirting with Artie. Um, what?

Once AGAIN, Jacob Artist‘s dance moves are IN-SANE!!

And to see him work it with Harry Shum Jr. to I Wish is probably one of the best things to have happened all season. The song was pretty boring, though. LOL, sorry! Would’ve been better to have done this in Britney episode.

Soo… all of the New Directions closed it out with Superstitious.

And we have ONE mother. effing. question.

How come Darren didn’t sing more in this episode!?! Thumbs DOWN!!!

P.S. CLICK HERE to read our recap!

P.P.S. CLICK HERE to watch Kate Hudson‘s performance of Uptight (Everything’s Alright)!

May 3, 2013 1:38pm PST

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