Guitar Hero Creator Made A Cardio Fitness Game That Looks BOSS!

blue goji fitness game

Gaming in fitness have finally found their perfect form!

With the explosion of games like Wii Fit, Just Dance, and even track and field games back with the original Nintendo, we’re glad to see there’s still motivation for them out there!

Except instead of the gym coming home to you, you can now bring the games to the gym! It’s called Blue Goji, and it’s a fitness game from the makers of Guitar Hero.

It works by displaying the game on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch (above)! Then, you have to use your own fitness levels to give your character speed or power based on the game you’re playing — using Goji’s fitness tracker, which can be in your pocket or clipped to your belt.

Who wears a belt to the gym??

There are also two controllers, with two buttons each and you put them on the handles of gym cardio equipment, or on foam batons that come with the game that make it easier for treadmills, since you’re not suppose to hold on to the rails of those!

The app itself is free and uses Bluetooth 4.0, but the controller and gadgets will run you $99.99 — not including the iDevice you have to have to begin with.

Cool idea, but the tech is a little steep!

We hope it takes off so they can lower the price! LOLz!!

[Image via Blue Goji.]

Dec 12, 2013 1:32pm PDT

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