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James Van Der Beek Tells Amazing Tale About How His Late Mom's Ghost Visited Via... Candle Wax?!

James Van Der Beek Thinks His Late Mom's Ghost Visited Him Via... Candle Wax?!

James Van Der Beek celebrated Mother’s Day in a VERY spooky way! But it’s super-sweet, too. We love a good ghost story!

The Dawson’s Creek alum took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal a previously-untold story about his late mother — and her alleged spirit, which supposedly came to James and his wife Kimberly during one of the most important moments of their lives!

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The 45-year-old actor opened up about his experience while his wife was giving birth last year at their home. Kimberly was in the bathtub during the very emotional moment, when some melted wax from a candle that the Varsity Blues star had been moving splashed up onto the bathroom mirror.

In an Instagram post about the incident, he explained:

“One of the candles [Kimberly] lit somehow caught the base on fire as it burned down, and she asked me to handle it. Wax had fixed the base to the counter, and when I pulled it up, hot wax splashed the mirror.”

Quickly, the candle wax splash took the form of… James’ mom Melinda?! The wax apparently spread down the mirror until it formed into an eerily-similar shape to the couple’s favorite pic of James’ late mother, who sadly passed away in July of 2020.

In the IG post, where he shared several slides of images about what he was referencing, Van Der Beek recalled:

“Kim immediately gasped and said, ‘Oh my God, it’s your mom!’ Slide #3 shows the side-by side comparison to our favorite picture of her, and slide #4 shows the detail of the tassels on the shawl — just in case we were ever tempted to pass it off as coincidence.”

Shocked, the longtime Hollywood star recalled his feelings after realizing what had happened:

“I felt visited. Held. Watched over. Loved. And so did Kim – at an incredibly vulnerable moment. I often ask people if they’ve discovered a connection to those who’ve passed. And it doesn’t have to be this obvious — can be just a feeling, a song on the radio, anything, really. But this one felt undeniable.”


Sadly, the proud dad then revealed that somebody actually scratched off the candle wax several months later! Oh, no! The What Would Diplo Do? star wrote:

“And then… four months later… someone unknowingly scraped it off the mirror. I walked into the bathroom to see the wax angel was gone… and I fell apart. A whole new level of grief surfaced. Which opened up (eventually) a new level of healing. The ‘signs’ aren’t the magic — they’re just invitations to forge a new connection in our hearts. And that connection is an ever-evolving magic that deepens, shifts, and transcends what we think we know about life and our spot in the circle. And it’s always available to us.”


Here is the full post, with James’ pic carousel sliding through to visually show the wax itself, and the likeness to his favorite image of his late mom:

TBH, we’re getting chills just reading this! What do U think, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN/James Van Der Beek/Instagram]

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