Jeff Bridges Records Sleeping Tapes, A New Album Meant To Help People Fall Asleep! Or Is It Actually Pure Nightmare Fuel??

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Jeff Bridges wants to help you go to sleep.

He certainly has the kind, calm, grandfatherly way about him that would help us nod off after a long day.

But he doesn’t plan to bring you a fuzzy blanket and a warm glass of milk…

He recorded an album called Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes!

He worked with composer Keefus Ciancia, who scored True Detective and Nashville, to create his ambient tracks, which at times are even a guided meditation.

It’s a collection of music and ambient sounds that Bridges himself narrates over, all in an attempt to help you fall asleep.

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Except there’s a small problem… some of the songs are honestly kinda terrifying.

One of them features his deep, gravely voice coming at you from all angles in different, demonic pitches, telling you to sleep.

Another features rain but with violent thunderclaps!!

This is not conducive to sleep.

Thankfully, he’s making the release one of those “pay whatever you think is fair” albums. Though the proceeds do go to the charity, No Kid Hungry.

So maybe spend a little bit… just go HERE and preview the whole album or download it!!

Then let us know how terrifying it is in the comments below!!

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Jan 29, 2015 10:30pm PST

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