Jeffree Star Gets Called Out For STEALING Concepts & Designs Following Kat Von D’s Fiery Video!

Jeffree Star finds himself in hot water again.

It seems like Kat Von D wasn’t the only one with Jeffree Star issues!

Only a day after the famous tattoo artist and cosmetic star first spoke out about her former friend, Cardiff-based graphic designer Christopher Wilcock shared his own rant about not getting paid by the makeup artist.

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He initially posted about his artwork being used for Jeffree’s merch on Instagram:

After such overwhelming support regarding my previous post, and allowing #jeffreestar to finally respond to the original allegations I am taking this opportunity to tell my story. In 2006, Jeffree approached me by MySpace with regards to helping him design his new clothing/merchandise line. I was a student at the time studying a BA in Graphic Design in Plymouth, UK, and having someone with such a large following show an interest in my work was flattering to say the very least. Over a course of a month or two we liaised, me sending him designs and ideas for his new range. However, things quickly went cold, i.e. Jeffree begun to ignore my emails. Sometime later, he launched his clothing line, and to my horror saw that designs and concepts that I had created for him were within this range. The attached image is of one of many designs supplied to Jeffree that year, but most important as it is the iconic eyelash curler, which quickly became his trademark image, appearing on most of his, at the time current, and future range. This image was created by myself in freehand within Illustrator, and as you can see is identical. Furthermore concepts I had created were stolen or replicated throughout the designs. Fortunately, I used this opportunity to form part of my final major project. As such, correspondence between Jeffree and myself was supplied and retained in a physical format. In addition, I have reached out to Jeffree and his management countless times via email and social media (which after I subsequently was blocked from shortly after doing so). I was not hungry for money, but simply the principal had shocked me and I had learnt a hard lesson (which remains with me to this day) when dealing with clients. I understand that @bjbetts and Jeffree have resolved any difference they may have had. But I can├óΓé¼Γäót help, given my personal experience, but question if this issues would have been so promptly resolved without @thekatvond’s input. #jeffreepaybj #paybj #jeffreepaycw #paycwA photo posted by Christopher Wilcock (@c_wilcock) on Jul 21, 2016 at 6:30am PDT

ICYMI: Jeffree responded to Kat’s revealing video with his own, where he shared that he has and is still currently paying their friend B.J. for his designs. You can watch it (below):

While Star didn’t make any reference to any other artists not being paid, Chris claims he reached out to the Internet star and his management about his designs.

He wrote:

For those asking why it’s taken so long for me to release this information, I have been battling with trying to reach out to #jeffreestar and his management for several years. At the time he stole my designs I was an inexperienced design student taking on an internet famous celebrity, it’s not so easy to throw the book at someone in such a higher position than yourself, and agreeably is one of my biggest regrets. I’m thankful for recent events as its not only created a platform for me to have my voice finally heard but acknowledgment that this isn’t an isolated incident has given me strength to keep fighting ├░┼╕ΓÇÖ┬¬├░┼╕┬Å┬╗ Thanks for everyone’s support ├░┼╕Γäó┼Æ├░┼╕┬Å┬╝ #jeffreestarclothing #jeffreestarcosmetics #jeffreestarmerch #paybj #graphicdesign @thekatvond @bjbetts #bjbetts #katvondA photo posted by Christopher Wilcock (@c_wilcock) on Jul 21, 2016 at 1:29pm PDT

There’s been no word on whether he’s been able to get in touch with the makeup artist over his designs, but the merch is still up for sale online HERE.

Guess the controversy surrounding Jeffree is far from over, but we’ll be curious to know if Chris ends up getting in touch with him over these allegations.

What do U think?? And are U taking sides?

[Image via Instagram.]

Jul 25, 2016 11:11am PST

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