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VOTE: Are You Offended By Jennifer Aniston's 'Our First Pandemic' Christmas Ornament?

Jennifer Aniston is taking heat for her coronavirus-related Christmas ornament!

Jennifer Aniston is getting dragged on this first weekend after Christmas, all thanks to her choice of one particular ornament that adorned her Christmas tree!

The former Friends actress has been getting called out by fans for the last 24 hours after taking to her Instagram Stories and posting a pic of a particularly controversial ornament. Really?!

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As you can see (below), the actress evidently thought the “our first pandemic” ornament was particularly timely and funny:

Are you offended by Jennifer Aniston's "our first pandemic" Christmas ornament?
Does this offend you, or make you laugh? / (c) Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

But others didn’t think so, and she’s been taking heat over it on social media all weekend! Really?!

So we wanted to ask… are YOU offended by Jennifer Aniston’s “our first pandemic” Christmas ornament?!

Sure, it’s not in the greatest taste, and the pandemic is a serious thing… but is it worth getting mad over??

You tell us what you think! Vote (below):

Much ado about nothing, or a worthy controversy deserving of getting angry over??

Either way… there’s always something dramatic going on! It never ends!

[Image via WENN/Instagram]

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Dec 27, 2020 12:45pm PDT