Why Jennifer Lawrence Won’t Be In Ghostbusters — Paul Feig Reveals The Annoying Reason He Didn’t Cast Her!

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And it ain’t because they couldn’t afford her!

Back in late 2014, Jennifer Lawrence admitted to meeting with director Paul Feig to discuss the possibility of starring in the all female Ghostbusters reboot!

Obviously, the casting didn’t work out — and Feig eventually tapped Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones to play the four leads in the film.

But at a recent press event for the upcoming comedy, the filmmaker admitted he was still “desperate to work with” J.Law — and revealed the real reason the actress didn’t get the role was due to her busy filming schedule!

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Explaining they originally met as a “general kind of meet and greet,” the Spy director said he quickly realized Lawrence’s shooting schedule for X-Men: Apocalypse wouldn’t allow her to strap on her proton pack with the rest of the squad.

He said:

“I told [Lawrence], ‘Hey I’m doing this thing. And she’s like, ‘Oh my god, I love Ghostbusters!’…I’m desperate to work with her, but I didn’t even entertain it very long because I just knew the schedules didn’t sync up at all. We had such a very definitive window to shoot it in.”

Don’t worry, Paul — there’s always the sequels! LOLz!

The Joy star wasn’t the only high-profile actress Feig was eyeing for the reboot. Emma Stone was offered a role, but turned it down because she wasn’t ready for another franchise after starring in the Tragic Amazing Spider-Man.

It’s no secret J.Law would have made an excellent addition to the cast, but we think the right ladies got the job in the end!

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Mar 10, 2016 5:53pm PST