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Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson Rip On The First Hunger Games! What Were The Big Boo-Boos?!

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The big screen debut of Hunger Games: Catching Fire nearly here, but we can’t forget about our introduction to the epic franchise!

While the first installment is one of the most successful movies like…EVER, stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson would still make MAJOR changes if they had the chance to do it over again!

Hold up!!! Why mess with perfection??!

According to J.Law and Josh, the flick was FAR from flawless!

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jen revealed that she would absolutely redo the beastly CGI mutts that go in for the kill at the end of the Games.

Josh agreed:

“Oh yeah, that was a tough one to swallow.”

And then he added:

“The camouflage of Peeta in the book is not funny, but then when you have me with clay on my face, lying there half dead, and I turn my face to the camera — it’s so laughable. It’s impossible not to laugh.”

We might’ve laughed, but that’s only because you’re so utterly adorbzies! DUH!

Guess that’s why these two get the big bucks!

A perfectionist‘s work is NEVER done.

As for an excellent, at least almost mint sequel??! The odds are ever in their favor! LOLz!

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Oct 03, 2013 14:50pm PDT