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Joe Francis Claims The Kardashians HATE The #MeToo Movement & Think It's 'So Stupid'!

Joe Francis Claims The Kardashians HATE The #MeToo Movement & Think It's 'So Stupid'!

Joe Francis is dishing alleged dirt about the KarJenner fam and the #MeToo Movement in Hollywood… and we’re picking our jaws up off the floor after seeing this!

The Girls Gone Wild founder spoke out on the podcast Cancel Me, Baby! this week, talking to host Taylor Ferber about his time in Hollywood and a LOT of other stuff. Most interesting in the chat is Joe’s claim that those in the KarJenner krew apparently feel really strongly about one of the social movements that have pushed through Hollywood. And not in a good way?!

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Speaking to Ferber about it, Joe claimed this about Kim Kardashian‘s fam’s supposed take on the #MeToo movement in El Lay’s entertainment industry (below):

“The whole thing women have created now, and I don’t want to blame all women because it’s not all women. Most of the women I know and I talk to hate the Me Too. The Kardashians hate the f**king Me Too. They’re like, ‘F**k that. So stupid.’ Most women I know hate the Me Too.


He didn’t stop there, either.

Francis continued:

“Look, it’s never been different. I get it. There’s a handful of creepers. Those people need to go and they got rid of them, a lot of them. Hopefully they’ll get rid of more, right?… They [the Kardashians] told me, I’m friends with them. They’ll say, it, ‘F**k Me Too.’ This was when it was happening, 2017 they were saying that. They’re smart! Think about it. Kim has a sex tape. But they’re smart. Kendall uses her sexuality… All women use their sexuality in a way that is good. That’s how human nature is and you’re trying to take out human nature.”

According to Francis, it’s not just the Kardashians who allegedly feel that way, either.

The controversial producer argued that, aside from the “so gross” Harvey Weinstein, the movement was supposedly doing damage to some in Hollywood:

“The problem with Me Too, look — guys like Harvey Weinstein, guys like Bill Cosby and what he was doing, and this Epstein guy, what a disgusting pig. I get that. That’s freaking disgusting. … An accusation, the due process is taken out of it. The due process allows for an accusation to be made. You get to say your side and then there has to be some mediation in between or if it goes to court the judge decides and the jury decides and that’s the verdict… You have an accusation. People lose their career, they’re resigning. I get it. It was good if you want to snuff out the creepers, the big creepers. I get it. [Weinstein] is such a gross person it makes it really easy to hate him. He’s so gross.”

Joe even alleged that Hollywood’s major studios aren’t hiring women in leadership roles to supposedly avoid #MeToo-related controversies:

“What I’m hearing? When you call all the main offices at all the major studios, I won’t mention any names, but you talk to all the major studio heads… they’re all guys. Women lost all those jobs. Every single guy in charge of everything in Hollywood will not hire a woman. Not a single one. It’s too much of a liability. Yeah, women will get female directors because they have to. Token position here, token position here.”

And he continued:

“Any f**king woman now can go in and work in Paramount Pictures offices or whatever Netflix offices… ‘he brushed me on the butt.’ And then it becomes the biggest thing in the world. This is all hypothetical. And nobody wants to deal with that s**t. They can just lie, it doesn’t have to be true. Their careers are over, families have left, their kids are — it’s over for them. They’re destroyed and there’s no due process… No one in Hollywood will hire a woman. Not one frigging person I know in power will have a woman even on their floor in their building. Assistants, it’s all men. They don’t even want to have dinners with women.”

But DO the majority of women lie, though? That’s not really giving women in general enough credit, is it? Is he saying the reckoning of sexual harassment and assault at large isn’t worth what’s happening now in Hollywood? Ultimately, Francis slammed what he called the “woke mentality” in Hollywood, alleging that “all” his famous friends are tired of it.

He said:

“100 percent [are tired of it]. All of them. All of them. They just won’t say it. Everyone I know. I have never talked to one person in three years who told me, ‘Oh this is great.’ Not one f**king person. Not one.”


Do U guys really believe that tho??

You can watch the full podcast interview (below):

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

Could Joe be right about his Kardashian comments?!

Sound OFF with your thoughts on his #MeToo take down in the comments (below)…

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