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Khloé Kardashian Reportedly Threatened To QUIT KUWTK Just To Get Blac Chyna Fired!

Khloe Kardashian Blac Chyna Rob Kris Jenner Breakup Show Quit KUWTK Lawsuit

We know the Kardashian sisters and Blac Chyna didn’t get along for a LOT of reasons. But is it really possible one went for the nuclear option just to get her brother’s ex fired??

As far as we were concerned, Chyna got “fired” because she and Rob Kardashian broke up. We mean, the show was called Rob & Chyna, and there was no more Rob and Chyna IRL. So why would viewers care to watch anymore? Right??

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However, over the past couple years, Dream Kardashian‘s momma has been waging a legal war with her former in-laws, insisting they got her axed from E! using devious methods.

According to Chyna, Kris Jenner led the charge, with daughters Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner all aiding in the sabotage conspiracy against her.

In the latest filing, obtained by Radar Online, she claims Kris pressured producers to get rid of the spinoff after it had already been renewed for another season and even went so far as to invent the accusations of abuse to make her look bad:

“Kris Jenner acted with actual malice in December 2016 when she falsely claimed that Chyna ‘beat the s**t out of’ Rob’s face and told the Rob & Chyna Showrunner and Executive Producer ‘let’s take Chyna off the show.'”

She adds:

“Defendants knew that Rob Kardashian had no bruises, no bumps, no broken bones, no limping, no blood/scabs, no scratches, no cuts, and no marks after the alleged severe beating by Chyna on December 14/15, 2016.”

Despite this, she says, the lie was “used that lie to force E! executives to cancel Season 2 of Chyna’s #1 hit show Rob & Chyna.”

Again, this still doesn’t make sense to us. They broke up, what would the show even look like?

Well, she also claims Kris was behind the breakup, texting her own son in December 2016 to tell him to “ditch the bitch.”

Whoa. Could the momager really command Rob like that? Are y’all buying it??

It’s not just Kris getting accused though. Chyna says Kim contacted producers and pressured them to cancel the show, too — and that Kylie offered to do her own spinoff to fill the slot on the schedule. So selfless, that Kylie! LOLz!

But Chyna claims it was Khloé who went the furthest, threatening to QUIT KUWTK if the network didn’t fire her! The filing states the Good American founder wrote an “email to Jeff Olde of E! threatening to not move forward with Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) if Rob & Chyna Season 2 was not canceled based on Khloe’s false claim that ‘Rob’s safety’ was in danger due to Chyna’s ‘volatile’ behavior.”

And of course, the rest is history — Chyna says these actions indeed got her fired and cost her millions of dollars.

The Kardashians have consistently denied the accusations of there was any sort of insidious conspiracy and say the lawsuit is just seeking attention. Thus far they have refused to settle. Honestly, even if Chyna’s claims are true, how would that hold any of them responsible for money? Nothing in these claims sounds illegal.

What do YOU think about these latest accusations from Chyna??

[Image via KUWTK/Rob & Chyna/YouTube.]

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